Naval Academy Bridal Portraits

USNA Bridal PortraitsI’ve been keeping these beauties under wraps for a few months now, but since Allison is officially married (horray!!) I can finally share her Naval Academy bridal portraits with you all! Allison was absolutely perfect in her lace gown and I just loved photographing her.

Because of the sunset time on Allison’s wedding day, it wouldn’t have been possible to get these portraits done during golden hour so she opted to have them taken before her wedding day! Having your bridal portraits done before your wedding day is a good idea for so many reasons. It ensures you’ll get the exact portraits you want in the most ideal lighting without the pressure and stress of having to fit it all into your wedding day. Also, it allows you to get a totally different variety and style of images than your wedding venue or day might allow. For Allison’s bridal portraits, we found some absolutely stunning locations throughout the USNA campus. On her actual wedding day in December, it was much colder and probably wouldn’t have been so comfortable for portraits. I thought it was so cool that Allison got to try out a makeup/hair artist, break in her shoes, and have images for a newspaper announcement by scheduling some portraits ahead of her big day!USNA Bridal PortraitsAnnapolis bridal portrait sunset Annapolis fine art bridal portraits Naval Academy Bridal Portraitslongsleve lace bridal gown fine art portrait Annapolis USNA wedding Photography images Bridal portrait Bancroft Hall USNA Wedding Bridal portrait Bancroft Hall USNA Wedding Bridal portrait Bancroft Hall USNA Wedding longsleve lace bridal gown fine art portrait dahlgren hall wedding picturesbride in dahlgren hall USNA wedding picturesUSNA Bridal portrait in gardens USNA Bridal portrait in gardens


  1. Cassidy says:

    Ahhhh!! LOVE! You did a great job Joy!


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