Everything you need to take your photography business from side-hustle to pro.

Hobby To Pro



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the process of starting a photography business can be overwhelming and time consuming

Many photographers feel unsure about the business side of things 

Hobby to Pro Toolkit provides all the tools, templates, and guides you need to confidently go pro in your business so you can get back behind the camera doing more of what you love.

Hobby To Pro

Hobby To Pro Toolkit is designed to give you all the tools to build a business with confidence and step into the role of a true professional.

You'll be set up with everything from client workflows to 35+ email templates and even a policies guide for difficult questions. The best part? Feeling oh-so-legit! 


for portrait or wedding photographers


make it a legit business

you love and

take the thing

You should be able to 

The Guide To Business Boundaries (so when you clock out, you can actually rest)

The Guide To Business Policies (hand-crafted answers for all of those tricky questions you get!)

The Photography Business Startup Checklist so you don't miss a single step

My exact email templates for client communication (35+ emails!)

Here's what you'll get:

Hobby To Pro Toolkit was designed be a one-stop solution to the many details that go into a photography business. Now you can find it all in one place!


What's Included:

the details

The File Backup Guide for data loss prevention (so that you never have to call a client saying their photos are gone!) 

Client Workflows (includes steps to book, plan the shoot, or design their album.)

Profit and Pricing guide that walks you through calculating your profitability

The Consultation + Sales Mastery guide with worksheets  + tons of sales secrets!

Photography contracts (wedding, portrait, and second shooter agreements)

How to name your Business (and name availability checking steps)  

what people

are saying about HTP

feeling stuck

Tired of people not taking your business seriously?

End the overwhelm. oh, and skip the constant googling.

Imagine how it would feel to have confidence that your business is totally legit and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Nobody wants to have a photography business that is a mess, but oftentimes as we start out, that's how it feels. 

Here's the thing - when your business is messy it causes people to not take you seriously. 

If you're ready to finally feel equipped and confident in your business, you're in the right place.


You made the exciting and daring step to start a photography business and your friends and family have said you have talent. You might ask yourself "do I really have what it takes?" and you probably have more questions than answers about all the steps, legalities, and secrets to this. The business side is daunting after all. 

You're in the in-between. 

OK! Wait, what's the "in-between"?

It's a phase that has a few names names like: the side hustle, hobby, aspiring pro or weekend warrior. 

Everyone must pass through the awkward in-between to get to the professional side. The problem is, the process of setting up a professional business is overwhelming and time consuming.

You need a plan.

Finally, a solution to all that "boring business stuff" you've been avoiding

Ready to be taken seriously as a photographer?

inside the toolkit


Wondering if your business is set up properly or what the steps there are to become a real professional photographer? That's what you will learn in this section! 

Make sure you're legit + ready to go with a step-by-step checklist + guide

Setting Up Your Business

Part 1


I remember how flustered I felt being asked tricky questions like "Can we have the RAW files? or "Do you charge extra for travel?" Or "Can you photoshop this?" 
You'll be set with all 35+ of my wedding and portrait client email templates. 

never start from a blank email again

Email Templates

part 2


Workflows are the repeatable steps and processes you follow to give a consistent experience and save yourself time. In the toolkit, you get the exact steps I take clients through when they're booking, creating albums, onboarding and off-boarding, and more. 

 save time + create a stellar client experience


part 3


Photographers learn pretty quickly that clients like to ask the world of them and don't know your boundaries unless you set them properly. This can leave you feeling taken advantage of and like your whole life revolves around your business. Not anymore!

True success is work-life balance 

Boundaries & Balance

part 4


Have you ever wondered if your pricing is profitable? or maybe how to you set pricing at all. I believe photographers MUST strategically price themselves for profit and I share exactly how inside Hobby to Pro Toolkit.

This isn't just a hobby anymore

Profitable Pricing

part 5


You'll be set with my exact wedding and portrait contracts as well as a second shooter agreement, and a model release form. Instead of worrying if you have all your bases covered, you can rest easy knowing you are legally protecting your business.

The agreements you need to protect your business

Contracts & Policies 

part 6


We're constantly adding more templates, guides, and resources because we want this to be the ultimate resource for photographers wanting to grow their business. 

The Toolkit has even MORe templates to help you


part 7


Never lose a photo and have a reliable system for backing up images

Finally have workflows set up for a consistent client experience that your clients will love

How to have work-life balance and clear boundaries that your clients respect (and how to communicate those boundaries) 

How to price yourself for profit and understand the financial side of your business

What to say when clients ask difficult questions (with exact templates!) 

The steps to setting up your photography business

THIS bundle IS FOR YOU IF YOU WANT to learn

What if you felt just as confident about the business-end of things as you do about the creative side? Now you can.

Powerful templates and guides for  photographers going pro

Hobby To Pro Toolkit


let's go pro

Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final and non-refundable. Sale is for one license. 

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Hobby To Pro Toolkit

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Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final and non-refundable. Sale is for one license. 

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I'm here to help you take the next step toward making your photography business a reality and not just a side hustle or something you save for "someday." After 8 years of photographing weddings in the Annapolis area, building a dream business, and making plenty of mistakes, I'm here to show you what I've learned.  Imagine this toolkit is my way of showing you the inside of my business so you can leverage the workflows, tools, and templates that allowed me to successfully go pro while also having a balanced personal life. 

I love helping photographers make their business dreams a reality because you should be able to do what you love and making a living! 

I help photographers make more money doing what they love.

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