Mentor Session + Fall Portraits | Melanie

This is Melanie.

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014

Melanie is my new favorite person!! I knew within 5 minutes I just wanted steal her and have her with me 24/7! That might sound weird, unless you’ve met her, in which case you know how cute she is and probably have your own kidnapping plans. But seriously, I loved getting the chance to sit down with her and talk for a couple of hours about her new photography business and help her connect the dots as she lays the foundations of her new brand.

I love hearing peoples’ business ideas and dreams. We sipped coffee as I answered her questions and dreamed with her. I decided we needed to stay friends…mostly because Melanie is super cool and I’m hoping she rubs off on me! 😉

After our meeting, we walked around Crofton searching for the most beautiful trees to use as a backdrop for her new portraits/head shots to use for her business. We found the most insanely beautiful trees with orange and yellow tones and I was in fall paradise! Also, the leaves on the ground had that perfect crunch while we walked!! Ah- love it!!

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014Melanie, you are the sweetest ever. I know you’ll go far in your business and I can’t wait to see that happen and help you get there.




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