The coaching program for photographers wanting more freedom in their business

An intimate, group coaching program for the photographer wanting to grow their business, freedom, and income in just 8 weeks.


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next round Estimated to be Fall 2023

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the photoboss method

Accelerate your business growth
in 8 weeks with the
Photoboss Method

the proven framework for gaining higher paying clients And growing confidently.

For the photographer ready to book their highest packages, get visibility online, and grow their name in the industry without sacrificing freedom or working insane hours.


Remember the early days? You were full of excitement and bravery, and somewhere along the way, things got

Before, you could run on high-hopes & caffeine, but soon the frustration and overwhelm around marketing, profit, and actually *growing* the business set in.

You love your work, and the chance to be creative, but wonder how you are going to grow your business without pouring even more hours into it! 

Can you really book your highest packages and become known in your industry for your work? 

!! SPOILER ALERT !! Yes. Yes, you can. And I'm here to show you exactly how.

Are you ready to get the spark and joy back in your business?

Ready for your best business year yet? 

Here's what I need you to don't have to stay where you are. 

The truth is - you CAN grow a profitable business without insane hours. 

The Photoboss Method was created for you to accelerate your biz growth in 8 weeks together. I'll be in your corner every step of the way. 

You'll graduate with confidence, connection, and direction.

You CAN grow a profitable biz without insane hours

some wins

Let's Celebrate that!


Make this the year you become a boss in your business.

Join the signature, group coaching method for booking your highest packages and growing your business with confidence (and ease!) in just 8 weeks.

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I'm Joy - a mom of two, wedding photographer turned business coach, and wife of over 10 years. I'm all about helping you build a business that fits your life, and not the other way around.

I want you to feel just as confident about the business side of things as you do about taking photos and being creative. 

When it comes to helping you simplify your marketing, stand out and get noticed (visibility queen over here!), and get paid to do what you love I'm your girl.

But here's the thing...I don't think you have to give up your sanity, all your nights and weekends, or your family time to make this dream happen.

I'm so glad you're here

hey photoboss,

Meet your coach (and new biz bff)


 I have learned the power of community. I have been working completely solo in my business for a couple years and talking about business ideas and decisions with my husband and close friends (who are not small business owners) and have gotten ideas and advice, but I feel like I have grown leaps and bounds in my business already from the TPM community. 

Signing up for TPM was the best decision I've made for myself and my business.

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Jenna McEntee

Chantelle Seaman

Now I have a clear idea on the changes I need to make to succeed how I have always dreamt about! One of the reasons I joined is because you’re very easy to connect with, explain things so simply and with clear direction! You’re consistent with coaching commitments and communication. I have loved every minute of this course.

Previously to the program, I had some idea of what I needed to do, but absolutely no idea about how to do it, what needed to come first.

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Ruby Sandoval

I can mentally prepare for what's to come and can even have questions ready to go before the coaching call even begins. I have also been enjoying listening to the feedback given to other members. It tends to spark an idea!

I love how structured TPM is and how the weekly challenges connect to that weeks’ topic and training.

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Erin Zawicki 

 feel sooo uplifted and encouraged after every call and know exactly what I need to do to improve my business every single time. I go into each call hopeful to learn a few things and end up leaving with a knowledge bomb dropped on me every time! Since Joining the program, I’ve booked 4 weddings, all over $4k and one at $5k (which I honestly didn’t think I could do).

This has been the absolute best investment I’ve made for myself and my business.

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We will be mastering your sales mindset, learning pricing models that convert, and how to never feel "salesy" in a meeting ever again! You need a system for making consistent and reliable sales. You'll get my signature referral program structures and learn to become the boss of sales.

The first "S" in BOSS: Sales

As business owners, this is the basis of everything we do. Without offers, we don't make sales. No more thrown together packages and pricing strategies! Using my method, we'll build out your offers so that they are not only irresistible but also profitable.

The "O" in BOSS: Offers

Starting off with the personality of your biz and arguably the very foundation of it all. Your brand informs everything else that comes next. Before we can talk about your marketing, we're getting this part right! We're diving deeper than ideal client'll refine what makes your brand unique, and ensure your goals for business are aligned to your own life + success metrics.

The "B" in BOSS:  BRAND

you'll learn

THE Photo "BOSS" Method framework

The Trainings

It's time to get your life back!! You'll learn the 3 systems you absolutely need in your business to run on auto pilot so that you can do more of what you love, and spend less time spinning your wheels. You'll build a marketing system, client management system, and content creation system. I'm sharing everything I have learned about systems from a former disorganized and messy artist type. I promise, If I can do this SO CAN YOU.  

The second "S" in BOSS: Systems

You have the Photoboss® foundations, and now it's time to talk about the next level in your photography business: brining on team members, adding in new streams of income, and building a business of ultimate freedom and options. I can't wait to show you the possibilities.

Your Next Boss Level 

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bonus week


 "By the end of TPM, you will feel more confident and authentic in everything from your website and workflows to your actual brand. I didn't expect to learn as much as I have! And probably most importantly, it's helped me feel more confident in my client services.”

 - Julie | Julie Greer Photography, Minnesota, USA

let's voxer

Stay connected. Stay Motivated.

group Voxer coaching support Channel

Connections and community through the program (to lean on and guide you!)

More time and freedom as a result of  better systems. 

Direction and steps for where to go next, and exactly how to get there.

Confidence in the business side of things (AKA the pricing/marketing & strategic stuff!)

You'll graduate this program with

After coaching hundreds of photographers for over 4 years, I designed a program and framework to take you from deflated and ready to quit, to feeling confident and full or newfound spark and joy.

The Photoboss Method Group Coaching

Picture this...

ok, Photoboss...

Continued access to videos, replays, and program bonus materials for you to revisit.

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let's go

let's go

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No. 1

The Photoboss Method (TPM) was designed for portrait and/or wedding photographers who want to book their highest packages, and become industry leaders without sacrificing their freedom and families.

No. 2

TPM is an 8 week coaching program with a weekly coaching calls and includes voxer channel voice support throughout the week. You can expect to dedicate ~2-4 hours a week to this program. Your level of involvement will of course be up to you!

Weekly calls will take place on TBD (dates to be announced)and last ~60 mins. All calls will be recorded and you will have the chance to submit questions, so no need to stress if you cannot be there for each call. 

No. 3

Yes. I will personally (hey, it's me, Joy!) be there for you in my favorite formats - video calls and voice coaching support on Voxer.

During the live coaching calls there will be time for you to ask questions and dive into specifics of YOUR business. 

The voxer channel is another fantastic way to get support and day-to-day help.

No. 4

Because this is a live program, refunds are not offered. That being said, I stand behind the program results and the transformations this method brings and want you to be totally happy. If you are wondering if this program will work for you, please reach out to me and I will happily answer your questions.

No. 5

Dates to be announced.

No. 6

Great question. The weekly group coaching calls will be recorded and you will have the chance to pre-submit your questions. You can rewatch the calls you miss and look for your question's answer! 

Maybe you're wondering if this program will work for you, or if it's a good fit for the type of business you are growing. 

I wanna hear from you!

Send me a DM and I am happy to chat with you and make sure this is the perfect fit!

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