3 Essential Mindset Shifts for Those Who Are Called to Both

If you’re juggling the pressures and the tugging that come with trying to run a business and raise a family, I know exactly how you feel. When I had children, I quickly realized that my business wouldn’t run the same as before, but I also had to implement a few mindset shifts to better thrive. In today’s episode, I’m sharing three essential mindset shifts for those who are called to both parenthood and entrepreneurship.

Called to Both is brought to you by Joy Michelle, mom of two and multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help others find balance between the worlds of motherhood and business. Called to Both is the podcast for women who have big business ambitions and also want to be intentional and present moms. At Called to Both, we truly don’t believe you have to choose between these two worlds tugging at your heart You can be Called to Both.

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3 Essential Mindset Shifts for Those Who are Called To Both

As an ambitious achiever, I know you’re feeling the pressure pulling you between stewarding your family well and pursuing a career. I started my business 5 years before I had kids, back in the days where I got a lot of sleep and never really tracked my time. Once I had kids, I realized that my life and business wouldn’t look the same. I quickly learned that changes weren’t just happening in the day-to-day, but they also needed to happen in my mindsets.

Embrace the Timeline and Pace of Your Business

When I take a look at the data in my business and get frustrated or disappointed, I have to remind myself that I’m also building and growing a family with this business simultaneously. It’s crucial to not compare myself to another business owner or even another momma.

Slow growth and pacing yourself will allow you to be less distracted in your life and business.

You Are the Golden Goose

While there are a few variations of the Golden Goose story, there is one in particular that resonated with me.

There is a man who has a a goose and this goose starts laying golden eggs. Every day, the goose would lay a golden egg, and it started making him really rich. The man got a little greedy and thought, “You know, if I could just get all the eggs at once, instead of just one a day, I could get rich faster, and I could be done with this waiting game.” So he went in, cut the goose open to get all the eggs but found nothing except goose guts inside. There was no gold—he had killed the source of his wealth.

You are the golden goose and you can profit on your skills and your talent for a certain amount of time, but if you kill the source of your creativity and your energy, you’re going to struggle to continue to pull from that source. If you do not take care of yourself or you are pouring from an empty cup or if you are missing sleep, yet hoping to still leave with the best ideas that you’ve had, you’re going to eventually come up dry.

As a content creator, there are a lot of things that require my energy and for me to show up. When we burnt out, we can’t show up the way we need to. When you protect the Golden Goose, you can give the best of you to your business and family.

Three Ways to Protect The Golden Goose:
A. Give yourself the gift of margin & self-care before it’s reactive, emergency self-care.
B. Practice saying no.
C. Take a walk.

Turn down the volume on the Should’s and instead focus on the Could’s

There is no correct answer on what motherhood should look like—it looks different for everyone. Instead, ask yourself what this could look like for you. As you’re determining what works best for you, remove the nay-sayers from your life; this includes anyone who is constantly saying things that cause you not to believe in yourself or your vision—including you.

You can also turn down that volume by unfollowing or hiding anyone online who are distracting you from your own vision.

Review Important Sections:

Being An Ambitious Achiever (00:48)

My Journey to Being Called to Both (2:01)

3 Essential Mindset Shifts for Those Who are Called To Both (2:38)

1.  Embrace being on your own timeline / Patience with your growth (3:16)

2. You are the golden goose.  (5:25)

Protect the Golden Goose:
A. Give yourself the gift of margin & self-care before it’s reactive, emergency self-care.(8:37)
B. Practice saying no. (11:15)
C. Take a walk. (12:14)

3. Turn down the volume on the “Should’s” and instead focus on the “Could’s”. (13:50)

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