5 Steps to Marketing your Photography Business on Social Media

If you’ve ever wondered how to get the word out about your photography business, or how I grew my business, then this week’s video is for you! I’m going to break down my marketing strategy step-by-step. I’m walking through the decision-making process that I go through when I’m establishing my marketing, and then how you too can incorporate this into your own business as well. This post will help you develop a strategy for how to get your business in front of the RIGHT people!

There is a guide that goes along too with what I’m going to be sharing in this post. You can click HERE to download it. It will walk you through not only everything I talk about in this post but even more things that you can implement and quick ways to get more eyes on your business.

5 Steps to Marketing your Photography Business on Social Media

Action Step #1: Pick A Social Media Platform

To be honest, this is a BIG mistake for a lot of photographers because there are so many platforms they try to be present on. My advice for you would be to pick just ONE that will be your primary platform. I’d encourage you to give it 80% of your attention when it comes to social media marketing. Now, this shouldn’t be the full social media plan or marketing plan even but it should be the majority of it.

Personally, I believe for most of us it will be Instagram because it’s such a visual platform. But, there will be some who find that Facebook is a better alternative or maybe some other platform that works best for them. Choosing your platform, knowing that it will be your focus, and moving forward with that in mind is absolutely key!

Action Step #2: Decide on the medium of your content

This is a REALLY important step to think about before you begin posting freely and wonder why you aren’t getting engagement. It’s important to ask what your ideal client likes to consume in terms of content. Do they like long-form blog posts, video bite-sized content, or maybe they enjoy live content? These are things you need to be asking yourself AND you ideal clients too. How are they using the platform you’ve chosen and how can it help to market your business?

The other thing you need to ask yourself is what kind of content you ENJOY making. If you are going to be consistent (which you must do to see success), then you have to be showing up regularly. There are apps and planning guides to make this process easier but ultimately it has to be a format that you somewhat enjoy. If you don’t love to write, you’re going to want to think about video which is getting such a big push on social media. So that might be the way you go. Think about how you like to create content and what you naturally lean towards as a strength.

As you go through your guide, you’ll see that you are going to be pairing these two things together: Your Ideal Platform and Your Ideal Content Medium.

Action Step #3: Get To Know Your Ideal Client

Turn up your online detective skills to a level 10 with this one! Ask questions, look around, and glean from what’s already out there. What are you going to be able to pick up from your ideal client? Are they enjoying the platforms that you’ve chosen to be on? Are they into hashtags? What are they actually doing on these platforms? Do they enjoy being in stories versus the feed? Understanding your ideal client, what they want, and how you can give it to them is absolutely key. When you’re thinking about making your content, you need to know what problem you’re solving and you need to know what answers you have to their questions.

This is exactly what marketing is: positioning yourself as the person with the automatic answer as the “easy yes” to what it is that your ideal client is searching for. So for us photographers it’s obviously photos but it’s also the ease of experience. What do they want those pictures for? If we dive a step deeper and think about why someone would want those pictures taken, you’re getting a little closer to peeling back the onion and figuring out exactly what problem you’re solving.

If you’ve never thought about this, you’ll really enjoy the guide because it will help you to look at what you do and what you offer in a different way so that you’ll be able to talk about it in a fresh way.

Action Step #4: Map Out The Plan Of What You’re Going To Post & Where

With this, I personally enjoy printing out a monthly calendar so that I can look at everything at a glance. I like to think about one social platform at a time. So I print a calendar for my blog, one for Instagram, and so forth. Then I look at it all at a glance and decide how often I’m going to show up and what things I’m going to share.

Action Step #5: Measure Your Marketing

Make sure to not overlook this step! You want to make sure you check in with where you are at and assess what worked and what didn’t work. When we find that things aren’t working, it’s easy to look at our stats and not know what we’re looking at. It’s much easier to give yourself a period of time – 6, 8, maybe even 12 weeks to post consistently and then look at the data because then you have some concrete info to base it off of. If you’ve been inconsistent with posting, you can totally look at the data but it will be a little harder to asses. I always like to look at my insights on social media so you know with confidence what content is resonating with your audience.

Once you look at the data, you’ll have to distill it down into something that is helpful for you which can be a process. But, it’s crucial to have these regular check-ins so that you can see what you should be looking at and what should be important in your business. Make sure too that these check-ins inform how you are creating content in the future too.

So there you have it, friend! A very abridged version on how to create a social media marketing plan for your photography business. Make sure to download the guide if you haven’t already so you can dive in deeper on these topics too!

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