Bride Tip // 3 reasons not to skip getting ready pictures on your wedding day

3 reasons not skip getting ready photos
Hello there beautiful Bride! Let’s talk about that timeline for a sec, OK? Here’s what I see happen all the time. You’re filling in the day with the big moments like first look, ceremony, and reception. Trying to make sure everything fits, everyone is happy, and you start to ask the question, “do I even need getting ready photos? Maybe we can just start with me already dressed.” Oh, friend. It IS worth it. And I’ll tell you why. Today I’m sharing with you my top 3 reasons why it is oh-so important to have photography coverage while you are getting ready on your big day. Let’s dive in!not skip getting ready pictures on wedding day wooden-invitation-printed-on-wood-boho1. Detail Images

You spent all that time deciding on invitations, trying on wedding gowns, and selecting the perfect pair of shoes for your big day. Maybe those earrings are your “something borrowed” from a relative, or the handkerchief with your wedding date is your “something new”. Each of these details make your day unique and should be documented along with the rest of your wedding story. Detail photographs are taken during the getting ready time.

When I walk into the hotel suite or bride’s home it is one of the only times when all the details of the day will be in one room and available to photograph together. This is when I have chance to get creative and photograph the gown and veil before you put them on. Most of the detail photos you see on my blog could only be made because I was given adequate time to style and photograph them during the getting-ready time.3 reasons not skip getting ready photos custom-champaign-glasses-for-bridesmaids2. Completing the story

Your wedding day isn’t just exchanging vows, cutting the cake, or dancing for the first time as husband and wife. Before all that, you’re in your robe with hair being done. Before the vows, you’ll be surrounded by your besties and sipping mimosas! These moments and preparations are all a part of your wedding day and help to tell the complete story in your final wedding album. Getting ready photos allow the chance to show the full transformation of going from fiancée to Bride. When looking back at your wedding photos, this part of the day will not only be full of beautiful moments, but serve to show the anticipation and excitement building for the rest of the day.(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2015 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 20153. Photojournalistic moments

A wedding day is fast-paced and hectic. Most of your day will be scheduled out, leaving little room for relaxed interactions between your bridal party and family. The getting ready time is often much calmer and more relaxed which is why this time is so important for photographs. Some moments (the best moments) cannot be posed or forced – they just happen. Leaving some unscheduled (no formal shot list) time for real and authentic moments to unfold are what allow your photographer to capture moments like a father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time or a sweet embrace between sisters.Antrim 1844 Maryland Wedding PhotographerFine Art Film Photographer Maryland Joy Michelle Photogrpahy

So there you have it! Those are my top 3 reasons to have your photographer present during the getting-ready portion of your wedding day. If you have another reason to add – feel free to chime in below in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you!




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