A Candid Conversation About Loneliness as an Entrepreneur and Mom

Loneliness in motherhood and entrepreneurship has been weighing heavy on my heart since launching this podcast, so in today’s episode, I opted to have a more candid conversation with you all. In today’s episode, I’m sharing a few resources for those who are facing loneliness in either motherhood, entrepreneurship, or both.

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Loneliness in Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

I love being both a mom and a small business owner—yet both of these roles leave me with a bit of loneliness. I started my business in 2013 as a photographer, later added in the title of mom, and combined these two worlds and pivoted into Joy Michelle Co.

Motherhood and business are both isolating. When you’re playing roles in each of these, there is a big chance that you’re feeling that loneliness. Being called to both isn’t easy.

After putting hours into my business each day, spending time with my husband, and taking care of my kids, I find that there is very little left for me to pour into me and even connect with others.

Three Ways to Take Action and Connect with Others

I’ve noticed that I connecting with others who are experiencing similar lives and roles can be life-giving. I’ve built a circle of friends who I relate to in each of these roles: motherhood, entrepreneurship, and those who are called to both.

In being a solopreneur, it is hard to find that community and connect with them. Here are three ways that you can take action, building those relationships, and connect with others.

Build Your Own Fake Board of Directors

In this circle of friends, I’ve found support—I like to think of them as my board of directors. I can rely on them for accountability, community, and advice. Essentially these people are similar to what you would get in a working environment—but how do you find them?

My own board of directors is primarily online friends that I’ve connected with. I recommend checking out Facebook groups in your industry or interests and Instagram for connection.


You may not always have time to pour into other relationships or find people to connect with, so coworking is a great way to combine the work you already need to get done with the feeling of working alongside someone else. You can simply invite a friend or online connection to a zoom call where you mute your mics and get to work! You’ll also benefit from the increased accountability of knowing someone else is working alongside you and it’s really motivating!


If you haven’t found your community of people, masterminds are a great way to expand who you can connect with. There are both paid and free opportunities out there, but the idea is to connect with likeminded individuals who are on similar paths and can help you build those connections.

If you’re ready to connect with others, I’d love to invite you to join my Facebook groups.

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Called to Both Facebook Group – For mothers and business owners who feel called to both.

Review the Important Sections:

Loneliness in Motherhood and Entrepreneurship (1:08)

Three Ways to Take Action and Connect with Others (3:18)

Build Your Own Fake Board of Directors (4:43)

Coworking (10:00)

Masterminds (11:25)

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