Bride Tip // 3 easy ways to get better wedding photos

3 ways to get better wedding photos

Hello Lovelies! I’m excited to share some quick tips that make a huge difference in your wedding photos. As full time wedding photographer, I get asked this kind of question a lot. So, bride-to-be, you’re in the right place! I’m here to pass on some of what I’ve learned. These tips are assuming you have found the photographer of your dreams and have made a killer timeline together. 😉 Let’s dive in!

Send your photographer a copy of your invitation

One of the first things your photographer is going to photograph are the details. Your bouquet, your paper goods, dress etc. The detail photos are such an important part of your story (here’s why you shouldn’t skip them). But you know what is often forgotten in all the chaos of a wedding morning? The invitation suite. So I suggest while you’re sending your invites to your guests, go ahead and mail your photographer a copy! You’ll have one less thing to think about on your big day. I know when I receive an invitation from one of my brides in the mail it really helps me get a better idea of the wedding day colors and what styling aids to bring.

Have comfortable shoes for portraits

I cannot tell you how many portrait sessions get delayed on a wedding day or cut short because the Bride’s shoes are hurting her feet. Many times the best portrait spots with the best light require a bit of walking. Those amazing heels you have for the ceremony are great for pictures, but not so nice on your feet! Heels don’t have to be your only wedding shoes. There are tons of options for comfortable flats to change into but I’m absolutely loving Talaria flats! These little guys fold up super small and come in an adorable little zipper pouch. I also think they could make super cute gifts for your bridesmaids!
talaria flats bridal

Seat your photographer at the reception 

This one is HUGE. Most catering companies will serve vendors last (unless they’re seated) and typically serve them in the kitchen or a room away from your reception. This means that by the time your photographer is eating, your dinner may be over and any impromptu speeches or toasts could be missed since your photographer is being served elsewhere. If they are able to stay in the same room, they can be right in the action and never miss a beat. Added bonus: by the time the reception rolls around, your photographer has been on their feet all day and will thank you to have a place to sit down (and chug some water!).

I hope you have enjoyed these quick tips for better wedding photos. Feel free to share if you did!

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