Building a Business as an Introvert

Being an introvert comes with its own challenges, but can you build a business and be successful as an introvert? As a business owner who identifies as an introvert, I’m here to tell you YES! In today’s episode, I’m sharing how you can grow a business as an introvert by using it to your advantage, without letting it get in the way of your success.

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Introverts Can Be Successful Business Owners

It never fails that anytime I share that I’m an introvert, I’m inundated with messages from other creative business owners that they’re also thriving as introverted business owners. This makes my introverted heart so happy!

So how did I end up in a position as an introvert where I was photographing clients and working with new clients frequently? Well it did take a bit of work, because it didn’t come naturally.

If you’re an introvert and are trying to build a business right now, you may be feeling the struggle that comes with doing things that contradict your personality type. You are not alone. This is a natural struggle that will come up as an introvert.

Let the Title of Introvert Inform You Rather than Restrict You

As you face the challenges that come with being an introvert, don’t let that title be the reason you don’t do something. While we can classify ourselves as introverts, we should use it as a tool to help us understand ourselves and make decisions that match our personality.

Interacting in Business as an Introvert

One of the biggest faults we have as introverts is managing our own energy levels in a way that benefits us as individuals—leaving us feeling drained. For me, I have to make sure I buffer out my schedule to ensure I can be “extroverted” in the moments I need to be while having time to regroup and recharge.

When it comes to networking, I want to encourage you to follow the rule of “just try it once.” Don’t decide if you’re going to have fun, dread it, or hate the activity before you even get to it.

Additionally, see if you can make substitutions—where you change a situation to work for you. This could look like adjusting your consultations to showcase the things that will take the attention away from you, like albums, portfolios, and galleries. As introverts, we don’t enjoy being the center of attention, so focus on serving over selling.

Serving over selling.

As you begin to shift your mindset in this way, you’re able to provide better for your clients rather than turning up the dial on the extroverted nature in a way that doesn’t feel authentic.

Your Unique Gifts as an Introvert

Each and every one of us is unique and brings something special in value to our clients, but how can you figure out what that is? Look to your past clients and ask them! They see things that you don’t.

Review what your clients are saying about you and see if there are repetitive words they’re using when they describe you or your services.

Flip the Script Against Your Discomfort

I already mentioned trying things at least once, but I also want to highlight how you should shift your mindset by flipping the script against your discomfort in whatever it is that you’re doing.

As an introvert, I could have easily looked at all of the styled shoots I planned and dreaded it, but instead I flipped that mindset with the positives of the outcomes (like getting published) and it completely changed how I viewed these scenarios.

This gave me the space to feel discomfort and do them anyway.

Just because something is hard or awkward, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Push yourself to get better at it. This mindset holds you to a completely different standard.

Review the Important Sections:

Introverts Can Be Successful Business Owners (:55)

Don’t Let Being an Introvert Restrict You (3:08)

Serving Over Selling (7:55)

Your Unique Gifts as an Introvert (11:54)

Flip the Script Against Your Discomfort (12:14)

Do Difficult Things (16:30)

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