3 Steps for Building Momentum in Your Creative Business

How do you know if you’re building true momentum in your business? Are you simply stuck in a cycle of hustle? In today’s episode, Laura Esmond joins us to share her own journey and experience in realizing that hustling without focused intention is not productive. Listen in as she shares how she built a business that works on her behalf—giving her the freedom that she needs as a mother.

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Are You Building Momentum or Are You Hustling?

While the word hustle has become taboo in our entrepreneurial culture, many entreperneurs who have made it will advise others to slow down. That makes sense—if you’ve made it. Many of the people who are listening to them are still in the early phases of business where they do have to hustle.

Instead, you need to look at what you’ve created and what you’re currently doing and decide if it’s working. Do you need to pivot?

The problem with the word hustle is that it means busy-ness, which many of us don’t want to be associated with. You can hustle by workin hard, but make sure that it’s building momentum for you and your goals.

The Swing Analogy

Consider if you’re alone at the playground, there’s no one there to push you, and you’re sitting on a swing. In order to swing, you have to actually put a lot of energy, to get your core working—pumping your legs and swinging your arms. If your goal is to swing really high, you have to put in energy. The beauty of physics is that once something is in motion, it stays in motion.

Relate this to your business—if you’re either in a point of creating a business or you need to make big changes, because something is not working for you, then you’re you’re probably going to have to put in that work up front to get going. While it feels like a lot of hard work, once you get there, you will stay in motion, no longer have to put in that level of energy into your business.

3 Steps for Building Momentum in Your Creative Business

What are you actually working towards? What goals do you have? Is your work moving in that direction?

When you’re building momentum in your business towards a specific goal, that means that you have a clear intention. Otherwise, you’re just checking things off.

1. Get quiet and allow yourself time to visualize what you want.

As moms, we have a hard time separating ourselves from that role. Think about what you want by answering the following questions:

  • What isn’t working in your life?
  • What would you do? If you weren’t worried about being liked?
  • Identify the feeling you want, that you’re currently not present to.
  • What do you want from your business?
  • What are you missing out on if you don’t make these changes to your business?

You can review these questions as often as you want—Laura does it daily.

2. Get action-oriented.

You’ve done all the dreaming and you have a vision, now it’s time to list out the changes needed in your life and in your business and create actionable steps. Look at your daily schedule and what you can change to make moves towards your goals.

3. Have an end in sight.

We have a tendency to constantly go—many times just keeping us busy without an end in sight. Set an intention that has an end in sight.

Overall, in order to build momentum for your business, you need to visualize what you want and set an intention, take action, then know what the end goal is.


Within our interviews on Called to Both, I’ll be asking each guest a series of rapid fire questions about being called to both! Check out Laura’s answers to my rapid fire questions below:

What does called to both mean to you? Setting intentions for both roles in my life and creating margin to actually be both roles.

What is one thing that has surprised you about motherhood? I’m not nearly as chill as I thought I would be as a mom.

What is one tool/tip that has helped you thrive? Waking up at 5AM to give myself time alone.

What is the last book you read or podcast you listened to? Called to Both and Goal Digger

What is something that you’re excited about? Get Rooted and her upcoming marathon

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