Come Shoot With Me: DC Styled Shoot Vlog

Who doesn’t love a beautifully designed bridal styled shoot? This DC shoot is memorable for me because I had the opportunity to raise awareness for a rare disorder. Our model bride has Ehler Danlos syndrome, which can affect skin, joints, and blood vessels. We decided to showcase the wheelchair she uses throughout the images, and I’m happy for you to come shoot with me today.

You’ll notice I’m doing something a little different as we near the end of the “Come Shoot With Me” series. Today’s post is featuring a vlog. I’m showing you how I photograph the bride and groom, the details, some behind the scenes clips of posing, and more. If you’re ready for some new tips, keep scrolling!

Come Shoot With Me: DC Styled Shoot Vlog

Before traveling to the shoot, I walked around my office to make sure I had everything I needed. I stopped to go over in my head what I packed: my tripod, camera bags, and flashes (definitely didn’t want to forget anything). You can also see on my floor, the items I used for my last styled video for my YouTube channel. So, you’re really getting a chance to see how I operate and what it’s like for me as a photographer and YouTuber!

Once we hit the road and found parking in DC, we decided to unload and head inside to see what the venue looked like. The rain and snow had stopped, which was good! But we were hoping it would get a little bit brighter because it was still a little dark. 

Detail Shots

As people were still setting up, we started to get shots of the details, similar to what you saw in my office before I left. The models hadn’t arrived yet so we started with paper goods and rings. For the ring shots, I worked on the 60MM macro. I also had my 50 MM 1.4. I focused on the table decor next until the models were set up.

Model Shots

When they were ready, I began with the model bride. She had a beautiful bouquet that she held for her first few shots. Then, we focused on the styled bride and groom together. We were really intentional about also getting shots outside for some natural light pictures. Pretty much everything we had was inside and with flash. We took the models into Georgetown and got some really cool shots in the streets and for the gown designer. 

It was a hectic day with so many moving parts. A film crew was present, and there was a lot going on. Nonetheless, I hope you found this interesting. I wanted to provide a different aspect of my wedding photography for you. If you have any questions or want to share some takeaways, leave me a comment! And be sure to check out my first 4 videos in the “Come Shoot With Me Series” if you haven’t already: Bride & Groom Portraits, A Wedding Ceremony Without Flash, A Wedding Reception, and Watch Me Photograph Bridal Portraits. I’ll see you next week!

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