How to Create an End-Of-Day Work Routine

When it’s time to wrap up you’re workday, but how are you closing down your day to prepare yourself for the next time you work? Before you officially clock out, there are a few things you probably need to do first. This is where a shut down or end-of-day routine can help you mentally transition out of work mode and back into mom life for the rest of the day! In this episode, I’m sharing what my own routine looks like, along with a few tips to help you build your end-of-day routine!

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What is an end-of-day routine?

Similar to a start-of-day routine, an end-of-day work routine is a way to wrap up your work with purpose and intention. This creates a shift from work mode to mom mode by creating a list of tasks to help close out the work day.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” – James Clear

Why should you have an end-of-day routine?

Goals are wonderful, but it’s the routines and systems that we set up in support of the goal that truly move us closer to reaching them.

One reason I started following a shut down routine is because when I came back to work, sometimes I had no idea where I had left off. The other reason is for your own mental health and boundaries between work and life. An end of the day routine allows you to button up your work so that it feels like work can take a pause and you can mentally move on.

My Current End-of-Day Routine

As I’m preparing to end my day, here is my current end-of-day work routine:

  • Take all notes and ideas on desk and sort them into Notion
  • Update my tasks In Notion and add any notes about projects I was working on
  • Address any final team questions inside Slack or send my own
  • Close all browser tabs on computer
  • Turn off monitor/close the laptop, desk lights, remove the 3 drink cups from my desk and turn sound machine in my office off.

I remind myself that there is not finish line, there will always be more work, but rest is productive.

How to Put Together an End-of-Day Routine in Your Business:

As you’re putting together your own end-of-day work routine, there are four categories you should consider:

  1. The work itself
  2. Your mind
  3. Communication with others
  4. Your workspace

A few suggested steps or questions to help you create your own routine include:

  1. Question: What did you work on and how can you leave yourself breadcrumbs?
  2. Question: Who might you need to communicate with? (inbox, team, clients, etc)
  3. Task: Clean up your workspace
  4. Task: Turn the computer off so it’s harder to come back

When building your own routines for starting and ending the day working from home, I suggest writing out the steps you would ideally want to follow and then trying them out during a fairly typical week. If you are experiencing a week where your schedule isn’t normal, it can be hard to know if the routine is helping you or not! Give it a little time and then adjust as you need to!

If you are needing support in also building out your start up routine, we talked about that in episode 59.

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