Exist in Photographs

“Exist in photographs – for your children, for you yourself, for the people who love you.”

Felipe  & Joy-0024A few months ago, I heard a talk by the incredible photographer, Sue Bryce. She shared a movement called, “exist in photographs.” This movement is about the importance of every person allowing themselves to be photographed. Regardless of the phase of life they might be in. Regardless of how old they might feel. Regardless of any of these reasons – life is to be celebrated. I absolutely believe in this and, of course, it’s what I preach to my clients.

As I listened, her talk reminded me that I should be making photographs of myself and my husband just as much a priority. I decided to join #existinphotographs by having my little family photographed exactly how it is. So that’s exactly what I did! Here are some of the results.

View More: http://katymurrayphotography.pass.us/joyfeliipejack

View More: http://katymurrayphotography.pass.us/joyfeliipejackView More: http://katymurrayphotography.pass.us/joyfeliipejackFelipe  & Joy-0025View More: http://katymurrayphotography.pass.us/joyfeliipejackView More: http://katymurrayphotography.pass.us/joyfeliipejackView More: http://katymurrayphotography.pass.us/joyfeliipejackFelipe  & Joy-0012I want to challenge YOU to exist in photographs. Your life is beautiful and worth remembering and sharing. If you take up this challenge, use the hashtag #existinphotographs.

Oh- and you can hear Sue’s talk here!

Thanks Katy Murray for taking these photos of our little family. We really appreciate it!!



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