My film camera line up

You know what’s funny? Not until I sat down to work on this blog post did I realize that I have more film cameras than I do digital! But it makes sense as I started my photography journey on a film camera and I still prefer shooting film.

Today I’ll be talking about my 6 most used film cameras and the types of film I like to pair with them. I’ve shared examples of the images each camera takes.(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014I’ll start with the first film SLR I ever owned. I bought this when I was maybe 10 or 11 years old (I’ll have to ask my mom to know for sure!).(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014

The Fujica AZ-1 takes 35mm film and it’s the camera where I learned manual shooting. I bought it used from a book fair with a couple of lenses and I think some film came with it too. It works beautifully, and I especially love it with Ilford 3200 film. *shown below* Film wedding photographer annapolis maryland 1.jpg1The Fujifilm instax mini is one I like to take along with me on most engagement sessions and wedding days to grab little details or play around with if/when I have more time. I just love the credit-card- size of the print it produces.
(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014The Kodak Duaflex II camera is medium format and I have only shot a few rolls of film through it because the film size isn’t made anymore and I have to re-spool it in a dark room. It’s also pretty expensive to process the negatives. I was able to photograph some snow + birds in black and white (pictured below). It was black and white 120 film (refitted to fit 620). It’s also great for TTV’s- or “through the viewfinder” images. © Joy Michelle Photography 2014Film wedding photographer annapolis maryland 1.jpg7The most recent addition to my film camera collection is the Polaroid 440 land camera. This is such a fun camera!! I have just begun to play around with it but it’s a whole new experience because I have to time out the development of each print as it comes out of the camera and it has so many more settings and buttons than my other polaroid camera. 
(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014Here are some shots I took with it while we were out getting a christmas tree a few weeks ago. [please excuse the cell phone quality!] 
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetThe Fisheye Camera by Lomography is another favorite! I bought this in high school and have run red-scale films and color films through it. I love this little guy because it takes 35mm film (so easy to find!!) and is super duper light and simple to use. It’s great for traveling.
(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014Here’s an example photo:Photo Dec 20, 8 30 40 PMLastly, the Nikon F100 is the camera I used most in my college photography courses where I developed my own prints in the darkroom. It was great because I could use both my film and digital lenses because nikon uses the same lens mounts on their film and digital cameras! Thank you, Nikon!
(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014Here’s one of my favorites I developed:

Photo Dec 01, 12 18 10 PM
Ilford 3200 on Nikon F100 Darkroom Developed on ilford paper.



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