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Is your content getting the traction and audience that you’re expecting? Maybe you’re creating content, but only hearing crickets after hitting publish. By shifting your content creation mindset into creating generous content, you’ll gain more content visibility, and grow your brand! In today’s episode, we’re discussing what it means to create generous content, why it’s important, and a few ways to be generous in your content.

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The Importance of Generosity

Generosity is such an important part of business and goes beyond just giving back in a monetary sense. The generosity that you embody in your business as a contact creator, as a connector, and as a whole in your business mindset is so important and valuable.

Let’s look at generosity from a content creation standpoint. Getting attention online right now has never been more difficult, but has also never been more accessible at the same time—we have more platforms and less tech barrier than ever!

If you’re someone that creates content of any kind in your business then this is for you! In shifting your mindset around content creation and incorporating generosity into it, you’re able to reach your goals even faster!

What is generous content?

Generous as an adjective of a person means showing a readiness to give sometime (money or time) more than is necessary or expected.

We often hear people refer to content as value based content, but I like the term generous content better. Generous content includes value, but you’re being generous in what you’re sharing, how you’re sharing it, and how often.

If it feels like your content is falling flat, ask yourself, “Is it generous?”

How to Be Generous with Content

1. You can be generous with your time.

Consider being generous with your time, not only in your marketing and content creation, but in all areas of your business. If you’re responding to threads in a Facebook Group, consider the depth in which you’re answering the question and how much time you’re putting into it.

2. You can be generous with their time..

Sometimes the most generous thing you can do for someone is give them the answers or the steps quickly and consider their precious time in your content. When we make our content about THEM first, they get the answer, and in turn may become interested in YOU as the business that can help them further.

3. Be generous in your “no”.

Even when you can’t work with clients, being generous in saying no is also important! When you’re not the right fit for a client, you can take the time to share why and refer someone who might be. This can lead to more respect in the industry, more referrals, and more clients.

Generosity Leads to Impact & Content Visibility

Being generous in your content does require a mindset shift in understanding that it’s so easy to learn for free online, why not be the one teaching it? Your paying clients know that in order to get that one-on-on support that fits their needs, they need to hire you. For those that can’t afford to work with you, you’re still leaving an impact.

Generosity leads to paying clients, but generosity also leads to impact. When your content visibility has greater reach, you have the ability to grow communities around your content! That’s exactly what I did with the Photo Boss Facebook Group! I started a youtube channel around growing a profitable and sustainable business and all the nitty gritty of what went into that, and then from there, the Photoboss FB group was born. It could have been a paid membership, but truthfully I wanted it to be something that someone could benefit from without paying.

The majority of the people that come across your content wont be your paying customers, and yet you can still have a lasting impact on them.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode! If you’re enjoying the content we’re creating on the podcast, want to connect with others who are called to both, or even just request a topic on the podcast, make sure you come join us in the Called to Both Facebook Group!

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