Get Your Time Back with a Better Marketing Strategy (with Amanda Shuman)

Marketing your business can feel like a never-ending cycle of needing to do more—show up more, be on more platforms, and create more content. In today’s episode, Amanda Shuman of Carry Love Designs shares her secrets and tips for having more impactful marketing without adding more to your to-do list. Listen in to hear where Amanda’s journey started, along with the hiccups she came across in becoming a successful business owner while also growing her family.

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Amanda Shuman is a brand designer and marketing strategist specializing in wedding & creative industries. As the founder of Carrylove Designs, she’s helped hundreds of creative service-based businesses reach six figures and beyond through intentional branding. Her marketing efforts have helped her clients change their lives by quitting their full-time jobs to pursue their passions, buy the homes of their dreams and scale their teams. She is passionate about design and believes pairing a beautiful brand aesthetic with an intentional website strategy is the cornerstone for success and booking clients effortlessly. As a native texan, she enjoys warm days with a cold drink in hand while exploring new places with her husband and their two kids.

Setting Your Brand Up for Success

At Carry Love Designs, Amanda’s team understands the important that a brand’s design holds over the success of the business. A brand can communicate experience, luxury, and even quality, along with the importance of educating your clients before they ever become clients. At Carry Love Designs, their branding consists of a four phase approach: Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Web & Copy Design, and Launch Strategy.

Once a client launches at Carry Love Designs, Amanda’s team offers a VIP Marketing service through the first six months to help their clients marketing and grow their business under the new design. A lot of the market decisions come down to data.

If you feel overwhelmed in your marketing efforts, ask yourself—does your website or brand reflect the level of quality your service offers?

Data-Driven Decisions

Making data-driven decisions is vital in a solid marketing strategy. It can keep you from overworking and over creating the things that really don’t matter in your business. The first thing to consider in data-driven decisions is where are your current leads coming from. Tracking leads based on sources will help you determine where you need to spend your time.

You might be wondering where you can look to figure this out. While your analytics are always a good starting point, your website’s contact form is also key to knowing exactly how people are finding you. Inside your contact form, you can include an open-ended question asking inquiries to share where they found you from.

Why are your brand and data-driven decisions so important though? If you have a brand that is doing the work for you and you’re focusing only on the sources that are working for your business, it’s creating less work for you in the long-term.

Test Marketing Efforts Yourself

If Amanda could go back in time and do things differently, she would stop listening to what was working for other people and letting that define what she did in her business. Instead, she would try things out for her own business. For example, when someone said Facebook ads didn’t work for them, rather than taking that as fact for her own business, she would test them out to see what works for her.

Make Your Marketing Count

Now rather than staying overwhelmed with your marketing efforts, make your marketing count. If you don’t have much time, but want to make it count, consider asking your customers where they found you. Then focus on quality content and marketing over quantity.


Within our interviews on Called to Both, I’ll be asking each guest a series of rapid fire questions about being called to both! Check out Jess’ answers to my rapid fire questions below:

What does called to both mean to you? I’m a mother and also a business owner. While my kids change things in my business, they don’t have a place in my business. You can have an identity outside of kids.

What is one thing that has surprised you about motherhood? The love that a parent has—you don’t understand until you have a kid.

What is one tool/tip that has helped you thrive? Having systems and automations to get time back.

What is the last book you read? Daisy Jones and The Six or Atomic Habits

What is something that you’re excited about? Unplugging for the summer with kids.

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Data-Driven Decisions (13:56)

Make Your Marketing Count (24:53)

Rapid Fire Questions (26:38)

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