How to prepare for rain on your wedding day

how-to-prepare-for-rain-on-your-wedding-day_0004Rain. It’s what most brides dread the most, especially if the day is taking place outdoors. I’ve gotten that midnight email from a frantic bride asking me, “What can I do if there’s bad weather in the forecast on my big day?” I know rain sounds like the worst news EVER but let me just start off by telling you — rain doesn’t ruin your day! There are lots of things you can do to prepare for rain on your wedding day. These are my personal tips for getting the best possible photos despite less than perfect weather.

01. Have clear umbrellas and rain boots for all members of your bridal party

A rainy forecast doesn’t have to mean the end of outdoor photos!! I love clear umbrellas because they allow light through and can almost disappear against a foggy/rainy sky. Along with those gorgeous heels you’ve been planning to wear, plan for boots too. Since the ground will be wet and likely muddy, boots are a must! Bonus points if they match your wedding colors! 🙂 Flip flops can also work for beach/boat weddings.


02. Have a “rain plan” for your hair and makeup

You want to look fresh and beautiful on your wedding day despite the weather. Rain can also mean wind, so if you hoped to wear your hair down (and it doesn’t hold a curl extremely well) that might not be the best idea. Up do’s tend to stay better than loose curls. Talk to your hair and makeup artist about what options they suggest for the best long-lasting looks. You will also want to have your hair artist stay until after your portraits so that they can fix any frizzing or stray pieces. Have your Maid of Honor keep a bag of touch of makeup (with your lip color) so that you can touch up when needed.

prepare for rain on your wedding day

03. Have extra candles and uplighting

One way to add some romance and soft ambiance to your wedding day decor is to have candles and uplighting. This is especially important when you wont have a sunset or as much daylight due to the weather. You can create a warm and glowing feel to your images by adding lots of candles to your reception tables.

candles on a table photo

04. Have a plan B…and be sure there is an indoor/covered area to take photos

Of course you will need to have a plan b for your ceremony or reception space, but one thing many couples forget to think about is an open (and covered) area for formal photos to take place. When it’s rainy, your guests will all be inside and leave much less available space. Talk to your venue or coordinator about the options and consider renting a tent.

How to prepare for rain on your wedding day

05. Take your most important portraits early

Light will be limited, so I recommend having a first look early in the day while there is still natural light. This makes all the difference in your photos! A first look also means you can take your bridal party portraits before the ceremony and not have to worry about them at all after.


06. Don’t be afraid to get wet

As long as there isn’t a full-on monsoon going on outside, I like to always get some outdoor portraits of my couples and their bridal party. Yes, you may get a little wet, but the photos are beyond worth it! You wont remember some rain on the bottom of your dress when it’s all said and done but you will always have the photo. So think of it as an adventure and just go for it!



07. Allow extra time…for everything

Be prepared for your timeline to shift. It will take extra time to round up family members for pictures, travel from location to location, and even to set up photos when there is rain. You can avoid some of these delays by having a planner or day-of coordinator there to help direct guests and move things along.


08. When the day comes, just roll with it!

Do everything you can to prepare. Buy the umbrellas, load up on candles, but when it comes to your actual wedding day, do NOT stress. And that means no checking your phone every 5 minutes for weather updates. You can’t control the weather but you can decide to roll wth it. Rain will not ruin the day. I have seen brides laugh and enjoy themselves while it was storming outside and this is the BEST possible way to deal with less than ideal weather. And hey- rain is good luck! After all, a wet knot is much harder to untie! 😉

I hope these tips will help you to rest assured that even if it rains on your wedding day, there are still many options for you to get amazing photographs. In fact, some of my favorite wedding portraits were taken in the rain!

What are your rainy wedding day tips?



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