Momentous Messaging: Crafting a Brand that Reaches Multiple Audiences

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, you may have a hard time not only crafting your brand message to speak to multiple audiences, but also ensuring that it’s an impactful one. In today’s special conversation, I’m sharing an exclusive episode from Jess Jordana’s Pop Up Podcast! Jess brought me on to share about building an impactful brand message, especially when you talk to more than one audience, or sell more than one thing or service!

Called to Both is brought to you by Joy Michelle, mom of two and multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help others find balance between the worlds of motherhood and business. Called to Both is the podcast for women who have big business ambitions and also want to be intentional and present moms. At Called to Both, we truly don’t believe you have to choose between these two worlds tugging at your heart You can be Called to Both.

Because this conversation was part of a Pop Up Podcast, it didn’t stay live and was only available for a few weeks—but Jess was kind enough to let me re-air this episode here on the Called to Both Podcast!

Jess Jordana of Jess XO is a copywriter for creatives who believes in drinking iced coffee all year long, and is a new mama to an almost one year old named Parker Jane. She’s worked with everyone from solopreneurs to organizations like the Rising Tide Society, The Guide Culture and The Social Bungalow.

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Reaching Multiple Audiences as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

If you’re anything like me, you might get a little confused by wearing multiple hats being multi passionate and having multiple audiences. It wasn’t until this conversation with Jess that I realized that I had been doing this long before Called to Both was created. For years, I straddled the fence of talking to both brides (as a photographer) and photographers (as an educator) with my brand. Now I’m serving those photographers, but also entrepreneurs who are moms and feel called to both.

As a brand with multiple audiences, you really have to focus on two separate areas in your business. In doing this, it was important to craft impactful messages that would work and last a long time.

Here are a few challenges you want to consider in your momentous messaging:

  1. Do not dilute your message just because you have multiple audiences.
  2. Think about how much content you will be creating when you begin serving two audiences.

Finding Success in Connecting with Multiple Audiences

While there are challenges, I have found success in connecting with and building messaging for multiple audiences with my brand. Here are a few key factors that led to my own success:

Creating Evergreen Content

One thing that has really added to my success in momentous messaging was finding a platform that served me long-term. When I got started with Photoboss, I gave myself permission to test out new content types and created evergreen content on Youtube. While I didn’t realize exactly what I was doing or how well the strategy would serve my brand, it has been one of the best decisions I made.

Crafting a Foundational Message You Can Leverage

In our conversation, Jess pointed out how having a foundation for your messaging that you could leverage is important. In creating content from a foundational place on Youtube, I was able to leverage it over time. Essentially, consider how you can leverage and repurpose your content across platforms: website, blogs, social media, etc.

Finding Commonalities in Your Audience

In order to manage conversations between my audiences, especially on Instagram where both are following me, one trick I do is look for commonalities between them. This means there are photographers who are also moms in both of my audiences. So instead of diluting it down and making it sound really general, in some cases I will call out who my content is for!

I also know that there are people that are are going to benefit from it on both sides—people that listen to the podcast that are not yet parents, but they want the business content. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to speak to that person directly.

Separate the Spaces

While it’s wonderful to find commonalities, it’s also important to create distinction and separation for your audiences. For me, this means separate Facebook groups! Inside the Photoboss and Called to Both Facebook Groups, I can speak directly to each audience without worrying about confusing anyone.

Creating Specific Content on Searchable Platforms

If you want to be discovered, you have to be creating specific content on searchable platforms so you can serve a cold audience well. This could be through Pinterest, Youtube content, or blog posts that are indexed on Google.

My Tip for Crafting a Message that Speaks to the Right People

When it comes to crafting a message that speaks to the right people, my initial tip would be to know what you want them to do. Where do you want them to go? Additionally, what is your unique perspective on this topic or unpopular opinion?

You want to be able to change someone’s perspective—rather than falling into the tutorial trap as an educator, you want to build a community of people who believe in your mind and trust your work.

What Having a Momentous Message Means to Me

To me, having a momentous message means sharing about something that I feel deep in my bones, called to. It’s more than just an offer or making money—it’s beyond my business, because it’s beyond me.

A momentous message is something that could change someone’s life. While momentous could mean big impact, that doesn’t mean it needs to have big numbers, big reach, big dollar signs, lots of zeros or commas. In fact, for some of us, that just means it’s very specifically to your calling and to the person that you were there to help.

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