Pivoting: How to Know When It’s Time + Strategies for Success

Is it time for a pivot in your business? Whether you’re contemplating a pivot or ready to make it, this episode is for you! Listen in as I highlight the signs that indicate you might be ready to pivot, along with 5 ways to make your pivot ahead more successful!

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How to Know When It’s Time to Pivot

Pivoting can bring you a lot of challenges and self-doubt, yet it also offers a sense of certainty. Whether it’s stepping into a new role, a new offer, or a new service, it creates an identity shift you have to adapt to. Making the decision to pivot is one of the hardest things to do, because you’re the only one who can really make it.

So how do you know when it’s time to pivot? Some signs include:

  • Your current business doesn’t align with your life anymore (traveling, being away on weekends, constantly doing client work)
  • You find yourself unsatisfied with the work you used to love
  • You feel jealous of someone else doing what you secretly want to be doing.
  • You have an interest in serving a new audience.
  • When you picture what your ideal life looks like in 5 years, yet it doesn’t look anything like what you do today.

Each of these identifiers indicates that you have a pivot in your future.

5 Strategic Steps to Successfully Pivot

Whether you are considering pivoting or you have already decided that you will, here are my best practices for pivoting strategically and with grace.

1. Put On Blinders

One of the best things we can do in business is to get really selective about the information we are taking in. It’s so easy to get confused about what you want when you take in other people’s ideas and input—therefore focus on your own why and your own life alignment goals.

Tip: Mute, unfollow, unsubscribe, and remove anything or anyone that makes you feel doubt in yourself.

2. Find a Space, a Person, or a Coach Who Lets You Dream Boldly

Your next step is to find someone or somewhere that you can dream boldly with. When you can express your dreams for your business and your life without having to sensor them, you can start to get closer to making them a reality. Not everyone in your current circle will know how to advise you or even hold space for this new dream—that’s ok! Finding someone who let’s you dream boldly will allow you to expand on your ideas.

Tip: Check out “Your Dream Life Starts Here”

3. Hit Restart on Your Business’s Birthday

When it comes time for your pivot, mentally start your business over. If you have a new audience, a new offer, and a whole new way of making money, you’re essentially starting a new business. Resetting your mind will help manage your own expectations.

Tip: Try an app like Days Since to track your pivots and new ideas.

4. Get Help

When you’re making a mental shift with any pivot, it’s important to ask for help when you need it, especially if it helps you get there faster! Three areas you might get help with include:

  • Education and coaching from someone who has been there
  • Help at home or with the kids
  • New softwares and tools

5. Practice Journaling

Lastly, when I started a daily journaling practice a few years ago, it became one of the most impactful self-development tools in my life. I think journaling is so beautifully simple, head-clearing, and affordable. It leaves you feeling like you have more answers rather than less.

Tip: Grab a notebook and a pen, then dedicate 5 minutes of your day to getting your thoughts, dreams, frustrations, and plans down onto paper.

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