Planning & Goal Setting for Your Business | Part 2

I’m a huge proponent of setting aside time for planning and goal setting, so today I’m exploring how to go about setting goals in your business and resources I recommend to getting the most out of your planning session! Plus, I’m even sharing how you should wrap up any session of planning and goal setting for your business to ensure you follow through with it!

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Before you dive into this episode, make sure you head back to episode 41, where I dive into 4 crucial steps to planning and how to sit down to your CEO planning day!

Goal Setting in Your Business

Goal setting is such a big piece of the puzzle is building and running a successful business, but sometimes setting goals is hard. We tend to overreach, overthink, and set goals that may not matter. I want to share a few tips and resources to setting achievable goals and how to stick to them!

Tips for Winning with Your Business Goals

  1. Set less goals.
  2. Set goals you can control the outcomes of completely or at least write the actions you can completely control.
  3. Connect your goals to your life vision.
  4. Record them somewhere you can review frequently.
  5. Share those goals with a friend or two.

Tools & Resources for Your Business Goals

When it comes to tools and resources for goal setting, I wanted to share some of my favorite tools from myself and different creators!

First, let’s take a look at some resources by Michael Hyatt:

  1. Michael Hyatt’s Goal Setting Blog
  2. Michael Hyatt’s Goal Setting Download Sheet
  3. Michael Hyatt’s Book: Your Best Year Ever

Inside of Michael’s book, Your Best Year Ever, he actually uses the acronym SMARTER for goal setting criteria, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Risky, Time Bound, Exciting, and Relevant.

Once you’ve set your goals, your next step is going to be to get them on a calendar. I like to print out quarterly calendars; my favorite is Ashley Profit’s Printable Calendar. As I’m planning, I use sticky notes so I can move things around as I plan.

In addition to these resources, I’ve also created a few Youtube videos you can use as reference for goal setting over on my Youtube channel; these include the following:

  1. VIDEO: How you can plan and set goals in your photography business
  2. VIDEO: How to Plan Your Year
  3. VIDEO: How I Plan My Content

Yearly Planning and Goal Setting Wrap Up Activities

After you’ve decided what works for you and your planning process, there are a few wrap up activities you’ll want to consider completing to get the most out of your yearly planning and goal setting.

  1. Communicate the vision and goals of your planning time with your team. The more your team is on-board and in the loop with where your company is going, the better they can serve you. I recommend doing this over a video call or meeting!
  2. Write the goals somewhere you will see them daily in a project management tool. (Check out this video of how I use Notion in my business.)
  3. Add the date of your next quarterly planning time to your calendar now with a reminder.
  4. Get accountable in these new goals and find someone who will hold you to them.

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