Pushing Past Perfectionism In Your Content, Business, and Beyond

How to Deal With Perfectionism in Your Business

Is perfectionism holding you back? Maybe you haven’t even realized that you’re a perfectionist. In today’s episode, I’m sharing a few tell-tale signs of a perfectionist, how to distinguish standards vs. perfectionism, and four affirmations to help you deal with (and overcome) perfectionism.

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Perfectionism as a Business Owner

If you want to figure out all of the different potential areas of growth, build a business and you’ll find them. This will also be a catalyst for perfectionism rising to the surface. Perfectionism rears it’s ugly head in so many ways in our business—so let’s look to make sure the perfectionistic tendencies are not the culprit of what is holding you back.

For the most part, you’ll easily spot characteristics of perfectionism in business owners, because they’re extremely motivated and hard working. Perfectionism can be spotted through having impossible standards over high standards.

How can you tell if you might be struggling from perfectionism?

As a business owner and content creator, there are a few tell-tale signs of perfectionism we experience. Here are five signs of a perfectionist:

  1. If it’s not perfect, you can’t post it.
  2. You can’t get your content to look like someone else’s so stop posting all together.
  3. Nothing is “good enough” even after a considerable amount of time and effort has gone into it.
  4. You are hung up on little tiny details that no one will notice but you still can’t bring yourself to press publish on it yet
  5. You may have a hard time delegating because it won’t be done the way you would do it.

Now if you’re ready to grow as a business owner, you have to step back and identify these signs. You may even begin to experience these in new ways as you grow your business, begin outsourcing or hiring, or even build a bigger brand and audience.

Perfectionism Holds Us Back

One of the biggest things I’ve found through coaching others is that perfectionism holds us back and keeps us from the things we want the most. It keeps us from moving forward, from sending the email pitch, from pressing publish, it keeps us right where we are. When we know deep down we want to be somewhere so much further.

So if you know this year is your year:
the year you make bigger strides
the year you take imperfect action
the year you leave nothing on the table

Then remind yourself everyday to take imperfect action.

Remind yourself as often as you need to… Done is better than perfect.

Standards vs. Perfection

Remember that there is a difference between perfection and standards. Perfection tends to be this ever-moving target, while a standard is steadfast. For example, you can articulate and bullet point the steps of the standard you have for your blog post writing. Or you can have a brand guideline for your business that shares what colors are allowed and what fonts are used. These are standards, not perfectionism.

A standard can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time if you have the skills to complete the thing—so if you’re finding yourself spending way too much time on a simple and achievable task, ask yourself what part of this is taking so long? Is the task really meant to take that long, or are you obsessing and unable to accept anything less than perfection?

Affirmations to Overcome Perfectionism

I’ve found myself struggling with perfectionism far more than I’d like to admit, but something that has truly helped has been using affirmations to overcome perfectionism. Here are a few affirmations to consider:

  • “My content isn’t here to be perfect, it’s here be generous and helpful”
  • “I don’t have to be perfect to make a huge impact”
  • “Waiting for it to be perfect is selfish”
  • “I let go of the idea of perfection, and trust that consistency and quality content mean more.”

As you navigate business, content creation, and perfectionism, I want to remind you to have more grace. That means with yourself and with team members. Stop holding yourself to a standard of perfectionism.

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