Overcoming Doubt & Critics: Resilient Entrepreneurship

When others doubt you, it makes it hard to want to keep going, but I believe entrepreneurs are resilient. In today’s episode, we’re discussing overcoming critics, haters, negativity, self doubt and what it looks like to have resiliency in your entrepreneurship journey.

If you’ve ever felt like you are an outsider in your own industry or have face criticism and gossip that wasn’t kind, you are in good company and this episode is for you.

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Over the weekend, one of my coaching clients reach out and asked how I have handled big leaps or transitions in my business—more specifically dealing with what other people were going to think of me and my business (and the negativity). She’s in a transition of moving into education herself, a place I’ve been before and many of my clients will go, so I wanted to share my own experience with you all in case it resonates.

My Own Entrepreneurship Journey

When I first launched my photography business, I faced every fear and doubt there was. What will my parents and professors think? Am I wasting my money and time? Should I just get a real job? Before you ever even start your business, you’re facing some of the toughest critics (including yourself).

When I started my Youtube channel and stepping into education, the doubts were even harder. When you’re in a space of pivoting your business, it is a little harder because people are watching and their voices are loud. I even faced my own criticism around what I thought others might think, especially photographers who had been doing it much longer than I had.

These doubts and fears delayed me from launching—for an entire year I didn’t launch my Youtube channel even though I wanted to.

The Power of Mental Fortitude

Having mental fortitude in your business is a quality that will help you stay in the game. Every single person running a business is facing these thoughts and doubts, yet when you are strong and you’ve got the right mindset, you can overcome and succeed.

There are two sides to this: the doubts you hold for yourself and the criticisms and judgements of what others are saying. Self-doubt is a universal experience.

Realizing that you can’t convince every single person to come to your side and support you is so important in developing that mental fortitude. You are never going to see somebody doing better than you and living in their calling, ever take time to be nasty to you. Let that be the filter of what you let in.

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