Scaling Your Business as a Busy Mom With Limited Work Hours

Let’s talk about scaling your business as a busy mom. When you can’t take on any more work in your business, but you’re ready to scale—what should you work on? In this guided self-coaching style episode, I’m breaking down the three questions you should ask yourself to determine exactly what you should be working on in order to scale your business.

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Scaling Your Business as a Busy Mom With Limited Work Hours

When your working hours are very limited, yet you want to grow your revenue and scale your business, it helps tremendously to ask yourself the following three questions!

What is already working?

As a business owner, you’ve likely already built a framework for your business. Take a look at what is working well and keep building on that. What platforms are you using? What content are you creating?

Sometimes we assume that the thing that’s holding us back from scaling is something that is totally new and original, but almost always, that isn’t the case.

What am I naturally good at?

The second consideration involves what you’re naturally good at because when you’re good at something, you tend to do it faster and enjoy doing it. If you’re not sure, I encourage you to ask the people around you what they see as your strengths.

What makes me money already?

Lastly, you need to consider the money and cashflow of your business. Look at the money you made, where it came from, and where you spent money. Compare your number one revenue driver in your business and where you’re spending the most time in your business—you can do this through a time study. Many times, there is a discrepancy in where you’re spending your time and where your money is coming from.

Additionally, you can look at your referral/lead sources to determine what marketing efforts are worth it for you! Assign values and tasks to working on your business, rather than in it.

Until you answer the three questions from today’s episode, you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels or unsure if what you’re doing is really counting. So take these three questions and use them as journal prompts this week!

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