Simple Ways to Feel Motivated in Your Business Again

Burnout is a real thing and when you’re feeling distracted, tired, and simply not motivated in your business, it’s easy to want to give up. Instead, I’ve found seven ways to help reignite that motivation! Listen in as I walk through each of these activities and practices to help you get more motivated in your work!

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Simple ways to feel motivated in your business again

When you’re feeling stuck or not motivated in your business, it’s easy to want to give up. Instead, here are seven different things you could try! Now, I wouldn’t recommend that you do all of these things every time you’re not feeling motivated, but rather make note of a couple that stand out to you. The next time you’re feeling low and you want to try one of these approaches, test out just one or two! Let’s review each of these tasks!

Close a Loop in Your Work

When you’re leaving things unfinished in your business, you’re creating mental cobwebs that take up space. To combat this, complete a simple task that has been left opened to help you feel accomplished while removing some of those cobwebs. I recommend something that will take five minutes or less, like an email response.

Stream of Consciousness Journaling

Another way to feel motivated is to clear your mind with stream of consciousness journaling. When I choose this practice to feel motivated, I like to do 2 pages of this before work to clear my mind and get out all of my thoughts. Sometimes it can be a list, a thought, or just journaling—it doesn’t really matter.

Move Your Body

If you’re anything like me, resetting your mind with movement is so refreshing. I like to hit the reset button by going for a walk or just simply getting outside. By doing this monotonous task, your mind stops overthinking for a bit.

Connect with Someone and Get Accountable

A really valuable way to stay motivated is through accountability—you can do this by connecting with someone who you share your goals with that will hold you accountable. I am a huge believer that there is stagnation in isolation. If you are isolated in your business or life, it is no surprise that you feel stuck and that you don’t feel like you have a plan and that you’re lacking clarity.

Build Yourself a Vision Board

If you’ve never created a vision board for yourself, you should absolutely try it out. A vision board helps create that visual representation of what you want, what your goals are, and what it will take to get you there. By simply having one to reference and reflect on can motivate you at any time!

Know Your Motivators

A great way to stay motivated is to know what your motivators are so that you can either reward yourself or find ways to stay motivated. Oddly enough, you have multiple motivators that contribute to how hard you work. Look to your purpose and you’ll find those motivators.

Trick Yourself Into 5 Minutes of Doing What You’ve Been Avoiding

One of the last activities is actually a hack—you can trick yourself into doing just 5 minutes of work on the thing you’ve been avoiding and typically you’ll end up completing the task.

Bonus: Make a List of the Wins in Your Business and Life and Dwell on What’s Working

As an added bonus, I wanted to share one final thought on finding motivation. Take a look at your wins in your business and life, then dwell on what’s working and why.

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