What actual grooms think of the first look

What Grooms think of the first look

I get lots of questions about the first look on the wedding day. Many couples wonder if they should do one, or where/when it should happen. So I’ve decided to dedicate today’s post to first looks! I even interviewed some real grooms who decided to have a first look and they shared their experiences with me. To start, I want to share my top 3 reasons why I love first looks.

Cherishing the day.

The pace of a wedding day is go go go. It will go by in a flash- believe me! The first look is a chance to take moment to pause and really soak it in – to look at your almost-spouse and say, “we made it!” This often ends up being the calmest part of your day. A first look gives the chance for some one-on-one time together before the craziness of the day.

The pictures!

There’s nothing more natural and romantic than those first few moments together where you finally get to see each other on the day of your wedding. You’re wearing your wedding dress, he is all dapper in his suit, and you can really be present in the moment. This is a great time to pray together, exchange gifts, and of course do some bride and groom portraits while you’re looking your absolute best. Your makeup runs during the ceremony?? No worries! Your portraits are already done! You wont be stressing that frizz-causing humidity either!first-look-wedding-photography-first-look-inspiration-joy-michelle-photographyWhat real life grooms think of the first look

The time it frees up

This means more time you can be with your guests. Sometimes my couples say they wish they could make it to their cocktail hour, but with the right timeline planning, they absolutely could! If all the portraits are finished before the ceremony, the only thing left to do after you tie the knot is to party! Considering a first look is also a good idea for those having the wedding ceremony in a different location than the reception. It can be stressful to do all the portraits and travel to the reception location in time.

I recently had a bride trying to decide if a first look is right for her and her future husband. She asked me if I had any testimonials from grooms who had been through a first look. What a great question! I immediately began a poll. I asked some real-life grooms who did first looks about their experiences and they were kind enough to allow me to share their thoughts.

“I loved being able to have a few intimate private moments prior to the hullabaloo of a big wedding ceremony” – Jonathan W (Ft. Myers, Florida)

first look wedding photography maryland by joy michelle photography first-look-wedding-photography-first-look-inspiration-joy-michelle-photographyI asked, “Are you glad you did a first look and would you do it again?”

“I don’t regret it at all. I loved it! It helped me build up anticipation even more for our ceremony. I would do it the same way if I were given a second change. It was the only time all day we had had alone to cherish together. The ceremony was special– but the first look was more intimate and private. Like a time without everyone…just the photographer.” Tim K. (Maryland)

What real life grooms think of the first look I asked, “did it change or take away from seeing your bride coming down the aisle?”

“No, I think seeing my bride in the aisle was incredible and it was just as special seeing her in that moment as it would have been if we didn’t do the first look. I do not think that it took any special-ness away from the moment of seeing her in the aisle and made the day flow much nicer knowing that the photos were completed and done well with all of our attention being on them before the ceremony and we could focus on us and our guests after the ceremony without feeling the need to direct our attention to photos.” – Phillip M. (Rockville, Maryland)

In the end, the first look is an option for a pressure-free moment together and a great way to relax the timeline a bit. There are lots of reasons couples decide to do a first look, but ultimately it’s completely up to you! I wanna give a HUGE thanks to the guys who let me share their experiences and words!



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