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Do your potential clients see you as the valued and professional brand that you are? In the second episode of our Brand Authority Series, we’re exploring the essential elements of building a credible and in-demand brand. Listen in as I share how you can determine what you want to be known for and build messaging that resonates with your potential clients!

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Your Brand Messaging: What Do You Want to Be Known For?

If I were to ask you what you wanted to be known for, what would you say? Would it be a service you offer or a course you teach? Those are both great answers, but I want to challenge you to dig a little deeper into building your true brand message.

The problem with not knowing what you want to be known for is that you inadvertently reduce your overall brand credibility through watered down messaging. By building a solid brand message, you will build greater brand authority and credibility!

In order to do this, you have to be able to communicate what you do for your customers and how it fits into their lives and benefits them—this is your brand messaging.

Highlight What You Do & the Benefits

It’s important to not only understand what you want to be known for and what you offer, but you have to know how to position it in a way that your potential client can understand what it is that you do and how it impacts and benefits them and their problem. You’ve likely seen this in Instagram bios, where it starts with “I help…” or “I teach…” or “I solve…”

Consider how you could complete a sentence like that in regards to your business. You don’t have to use this in your Instagram bio, but you can use it internally to help you build more messaging and content.

In Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller, he encourages you to position your messaging in terms of the struggle or the problem first. Let’s make a real life example out of this by using my brand Photo Boss as an example. When I highlight why someone might need this brand, I could say, “You know how photographers are sometimes amazing at their craft, but not always the strongest marketers and business owners? Well, that’s how I help. I’ve started a brand called Photo Boss to become the bridge between business and marketing, education, and photographers and creatives.”

While this may not fit in an Instagram bio, it highlights exactly what I do so that I can talk about my brand in a way that benefits the client. It helps provide clarity in your messaging.

Build Your Brand Messaging

Through completing the following prompts, you can build your brand messaging:

  1. I sell ______.
  2. I solve this problem: ______.
  3. I help people achieve ______.

Highlight Your Uniqueness

The next thing you need to do in building your brand message is to highlight your uniqueness. You can do this by taking a closer look at your brand values and beliefs. You can highlight these in your marketing efforts and front-facing assets.

This can be easier to understand after you’d heard someone else’s, so here are the brand values of the Called to Both brand:

  1. The right time doesn’t exist and isn’t real.
  2. There are no rules for what business and motherhood should look like.
  3. It doesn’t have to be either or, it can be both.

When your values come across to your clients, they’ll better trust and believe in you.

Review Client Reviews & Testimonials

Your clients bring a perspective to you that you simply can’t get—their experience. In reviewing your clients’ testimonials and reviews, you’ll be able to understand what value you specifically brought to them and what is unique to you in your service.

The Brand Authority Blueprint

Everything that we chatted about in today’s episode is actually included in my free guide, The Brand Authority Blueprint. You’ll see everything we discuss in this series on becoming an in-demand brand and decide what you want to be know and remembered for.

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