3 Simple Hacks for “Winning the Day”: How to Create a More Favorable Life and Business

Does every day feel like a win to you? Everyone has rough days, but I’ve created three simple hacks for winning the day, every day. In this episode, I’m sharing how to create a more favorable life and business by making very small changes in your day to day!

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3 Hacks for Winning the Day

I want there to be things, activities and people that get me excited to start my day. I have three habits that I’ve cultivated in my life that have helped me feel like the day is set up for me before I even get there. I want to feel like things are happening for me and not to me.

Create an End-of-Day Next Actions List

At the end of each work session, I’ve set aside 10-15 minutes to make a “Next Actions” list. This is where I’ll leave myself a note or breadcrumbs on what needs to be done when I come back to work. This includes updating things inside of Notion, sending messages to my team inside of Slack, and checking off all that I’ve done in that day. Whatever it is that I’m wrapping up, I want to make sure that I’m leaving a next action for that item so I know what to do next.

This leaves me feeling accomplished in my work day, but also prepares me for work when i do return so I can jump right in.

Do Tasks that Tomorrow’s Version of You Will Appreciate

The next thing I do to stack the deck in my favor is to take 15 minutes before I go to bed and take some time to do whatever the tomorrow version of me is going to appreciate. This could be preparing the coffee machine for the next morning, doing dishes, or even picking up the rooms that the vacuum will run through tomorrow.

Whenever I do this, the next morning, I’m usually juggling kids and getting ready for the day, but I don’t have to worry about those few little things that yesterday’s version of me did for me.

This concept came about when I was reading Donald Miller’s book, Business Made Simple. He says this one questions has really helped him do better, “What would you do today if you were living this day for the second time?” If we imagine we’ve already lived the days we’re in, and we’re trying to do better this time—that concept is just so interesting to me.

If I can spend an extra five minutes today to set myself up for success tomorrow, why wouldn’t I?

Celebrate Really Small Things

Now, the third way that I stack the deck in my favor feels silly, but I’ve started celebrating really small things and treating myself like a child in how I’m celebrating.

First of all, the things we want or are celebrating don’t always have to make sense. The things that motivate you and reward you do not have to make sense to anyone else. It’s all about you.

For me, I’ve found joy in a pen subscription. It’s a really small reward, but it’s so wonderful for me. Additionally, I love champagne! It’s a celebratory drink that feels special, but instead of only drinking it with obvious milestones, I love to pop the bubbly when I do something hard, whether or not I hit the goals I set for myself.

When we do things like this, we’re opening the doors for a more creative environment, making us our most creative selves, which allows us to be kinder to ourselves.

Creating a More Favorable Life & Business for Yourself

As you’re considering all of the different ways that you can stack the deck in your favor to create a better life and business for yourself, I want you to consider implementing these three things that I’ve mentioned today into your life.

  1. Take the last 15 minutes of any work time that you get in your business, and leave yourself an action list with kindness.
  2. Take the 15 minutes before you go to bed and do whatever it is that tomorrow’s version of you is going to thank you for.
  3. Celebrate those small wins.

If you want to start smaller, think about just one thing you could do in your life to help you stack the deck in your favor and share that with a friend who can help you implement it!

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