5 Time-Saving HoneyBook Features

Today’s video is all about some of my favorite Honeybook features that you should absolutely know about that will save you time in your small business! If you are new to Honeybook, it is a customer relationship and project management platform that handles all of your client communication like contracts, getting paid, questionnaires, scheduling, and so much more!

It is by far my favorite tool in my business EVER! If you’re new to Honeybook and want to get 50% off your first year you can use my affiliate code HERE to take advantage of that! This video will only scratch the surface of the many different features Honeybook can do. Grab your notebook though and jot down which of these features you going to begin to implement to save you time! 

5 Time-Saving HoneyBook Features

Feature #1: HoneyBook Scheduling Tool

The scheduler feature basically acts like a Calendly or an Acuity but it’s all included with your Honeybook membership. You can block off specific times based on what you set for your availability. 

Let’s say for example you have a 1 hour portrait session as a photographer. You can make those available on certain evenings, daytime hours, or weekends depending on what you setup. You can also make it so that it links with your calendar on your phone. As soon as somebody books with your time slot, they will automatically be added to your calendar. You can also have multiple calendars setup for consultations if you like too! You can have unlimited amounts of the types of sessions or consultations people book with you and you can color code it all and attach them to specific projects 

Feature #2: Templates

Honeybook is essentially built around templates. These are your emails, brochures, invoices, contracts, etc. Everything that you save and never have to start from zero again. What I like to say is, “Never start from a blank screen!” With Honeybook you don’t have to, they have their templates built in. 

If you have some things outside of Honeybook but you want everything to be in the software, take advantage of their concierge service that they offer to help save you time! 

Feature #3: Pipeline

I love the pipelines feature in Honeybook! It helps me see at a glance where my clients are in each step of their journey. One area that I really like to look at is the inquiry segment and the follow-up segment. Nothing falls through the cracks as far as me making sure that my clients received my email, we’ve talked on a consultation, and more. 

You can do all of these things in your pipeline and it can be customized too! You can add in steps for ordering a gallery wall or canvases or any other type of print work. Put all of your steps in your pipeline so that nothing can ever be forgotten.  You’ll always know exactly where everyone is. 

Feature #4: Workflows

Workflows are where your automations come in! You have all these templates you’ve created like emails, brochures, etc and workflows allows you to send these automatically. You can setup a workflow as simple as one step or as long as 100 steps if you like! You can have it setup so that when someone signs and books with you, a customized email will send that welcomes them into your company and into your brand. This is all something that can be done inside the workflows tab inside of Honeybook. 

Feature #5: Contact Form

Finally is the contact form. The contact form can be customized and then embedded into your website. There are some really fun automations inside the form that you can build into your contact forms. You can auto-categorize what types of sessions someone might be coming into your business for based on the contact form. You can also setup an automatic email responder or a workflow based on your contact form. This is something that can save you a lot of time and also can make you a little more competitive in your business cause you are able to respond back immediately or almost immediately because you have so much already built into the contact form as far as automations go. The embedded contact form is definitely another area that can save you time and even make you money. 

These are my five favorite features in Honeybook that you should definitely know about!  I would love to hear what your favorite feature is and if you haven’t used it and would like to try it, be sure to take advantage of my 50% off Honeybook pricing code! 

If you decide to use any of the links above and buy through them, I’ll receive a small commission back. All of those affiliate income commissions really add up over time and help generate revenue to help support this channel.

honeybook time saving features

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