5 Photography Business Apps I Use Daily

In today’s video, I’m deep diving into 5 of my absolute favorite apps that I LOVE and I use daily in my business and why I love using them so much. 

5 Photography Business Apps I Use Daily

Project Mangement Tool: Notion

The first app I want to share with you is called Notion. I honestly don’t know where this has been all of my life!  I love this app for so many reasons! This is basically a project management app so this is where I keep my to-do lists,  this is where I keep my content ideas for Youtube, and even my notes for videos as well! 

There is a both a desktop version and an app and I use both! I’ll be using this from now on in my business to keep everything streamlined. If you’re looking for a project management tool that is similar to Asana or Trello, but is way more visually appealing, check out Notion!  

Client Management Tool: Honeybook

The next app I use daily is Honeybook! This is where I manage all of my clients within the business. Notion manages all of my content and projects whereas Honeybook is my client management software, that handles all of my invoicing, contracts, workflows, automations, and more. 

I won’t deep dive into the details of Honeybook and how I use it. But, if you want to dive in and you feel like your client management process could be cleaned up a little bit, definitely check out this video HERE. You can also take advantage of 50% off your first year of Honeybook HERE

Mileage Tracker: Mile IQ 

Mile IQ literally records all of my miles and all of my trips! At the end of the month, all I need to do it tell Mile IQ whether it was personal or for the business. I had a hard time keeping up with tracking my mileage for tax write offs until I got this app. 

Mile IQ has simplified this whole entire process because it always runs in the background of my phone no matter where I am going. That way I can just go into my calendar and look at my drives and classify them as business or personal each month. I find that I have a lot more write offs in terms of business mileage because I’m not forgetting to record it. This has saved me so much money and has been such a good investment! 

Audiobook App: Audible

I LOVE listening to business books and growing in my business knowledge as I continue to run my business. Photographers sometimes forget that we are still very much running a business. We have to remember that the building blocks of business are still there. I am constantly trying to learn from people outside of my industry that educate on sales, marketing, negotiating, etc and they bring a completely different perspective. 

I like to listen to new voices and this makes it sooooo much easier for me to do that in my everyday life. I’m a busy mom so I like to listen to books at 1.5 speed while I’m walking with my kids. This app is how I am able to do that easily. 

Story Creator: Unfold App

This is a handy app that I love using to collage images for my stories on social media. I can also add videos in there with text on it. It’s just a really cohesive way to share beautiful stories for Instagram. If you’ve ever looked at people’ Instagram stories and you are wondering why they have different font available to them or how created their stories to look aesthetically pleasing, it might be the Unfold app. 

They do have some paid upgrades but I don’t use them. I love their basic templates and use them all the time to share my stories on Instagram. 

I wanna hear from you! Go into your phone, look at it honestly and tell me what your most used apps are. Are there some that I should definitely know about? I can’t wait to discover some new apps! 

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