8 Ways to Make Money Quickly as a Photographer

There will be times in your photography career where you may decide “I need to make some fast cash” and that’s why I’m sharing 8 ways to make money FAST as a photographer. Whether you are saving up for that next camera body or lens, or you want to invest in some new education, or maybe you just NEED the money to pay some bills…having these tips in your back pocket can be SO great.

I’m sharing some of my favorite ways, and some ways the Photobosses in my Facebook Group have shared that have worked for them too.

I know this is going to give you some good ideas, so save this list to come back to!

1. Sell vouchers or “gift cards” for portraits at a limited-time discounted rate

By doing so, you get the money upfront!

2. Offer Albums or Prints to your past clients

Your past client contacts are a great place to return to when you need money because as a general rule, your past clients are the MOST likely to do business with you again. I like doing this by email, and giving a discount code for a limited time to encourage them to buy now.

3. Do a special pre-sale for fall sessions (or whatever season is upcoming).

Have clients put in a deposit now for a session later.

Second shoot or associate shoot for another photographer.

Second shooting is a lot of work, but you end the day with an immediate check with your pay, and you don’t typically have to end or do any post processing at all! Win win.

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5. Offer mini sessions

Especially if you typically don’t do these. Minis are where you offer 8-10 back-to-back sessions, quick turn around, and oftentimes themed. Great for holiday portraits or Valentines boudoir.
A few members inside Photoboss shared details. One member said that they priced minis at $99 for 10 min blocks and had 7 people book – they admitted it was cheap but it WORKED.

6. Host an in-person workshop or instructional workshop in your community

You could teach camera basics or demo how to pose and shoot (another awesome suggestion in the Facebook Group).

7. BOGO sale

Anyone who buys an album or a canvas gets 1 for free. This also works for a print for a print, or whatever you sell!

8. Offer headshots or branding images

This opens your offerings up a bit to businesses, small business friends, and past clients too

If you want to hear some of the other tips Photobosses have shared, click the link below to join the community!

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