How Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Can Market to Multiple Audiences

Calling all multi-passionate entrepreneurs! You can have and market to multiple audiences and still be successful. This is an opinion that I actually spent a long time not believing—yet here I am, doing exactly that. In today’s episode, I’m giving you the permission to do more in your business and sharing the tools you need to do it!

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Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Can Market to Multiple Audiences

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I currently run two different brands: Photoboss and Called to Both.

Photoboss is my photography, education brand that helps wedding and portrait photographers step into the role of a photoboss in their own business; equipping and helping them grow a sustainable and profitable photography business. Through YouTube tutorials, a Facebook group, a suite of courses, and one on one coaching I connect with the Photoboss community.

On the other hand, I have the Called to Both brand, which is a brand to connect with and equip ambitious moms in their journey to being called to both.

Tips I’ve Found in Marketing for My Own Brands

There are a few things that makes this so hard. To begin, speaking to any audience clearly for your marketing is hard, but adding an additional audience to this also adds a layer of complexity. Then, you don’t want to dilute your messaging and confuse people with differing offers and messaging. Lastly, the sheer volume of content for two audiences can be overwhelming. Let’s look at a few tips for working through this:

Pick one content medium per audience with thought and intention.

For me, my photography education business living on Youtube continues to serve me and that audience. When I decided to do a podcast for Called to Both, I didn’t want to dilute my Youtube audience with this content—that’s when the podcast came to be.

Be consistent in your content creation.

Consistency has also made a huge impact, because practice makes me better and action breeds clarity. Consistency also allows the new audience to know when to expect content from you.

Believe that you can do more than one thing.

Now one helpful belief that I have found that I’ve really changed my mind on over the years is that you can do more than one thing, you can serve more than one person, and to just give yourself permission to step into a new space and to try it.

Repurpose the content you create.

Lastly, repurposing your content will keep you from feeling burnt out or trapped in the content creation hamster wheel. A way to do this is to look for commonalities between your audiences through either the topic itself of the person. There will be times when one person can benefit from both brands. Whether or not it overlaps, always speak to one person—the audience you want to be talking to.

Leverage your personal brand.

I believe that you are a personal brand that can benefit your marketing efforts. When you’re not able to constantly separate the different audiences, it can all come back to you. For me, Instagram is where I lean heavy into my personal brand and blend my other brands into it.

Your personal brand will also allow you to share about your life and the behind the scenes, because that is content.

Avoid the tutorial trap.

People remember you for challenging a thought or belief, not just for telling them how to do something. So make sure that all of your content isn’t tutorial content, but rather thought provoking. How does this really impact you though?

Making tutorials will give you a view, but when you shift someone’s perspective or solved a major problem, you earn their respect. This is HUGE is building a community.

These tips will help you in marketing your brands to multiple audiences without overwhelm.

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