Boundaries From Your Business | How to Keep Your Business from Being a 24/7 Thing

Are you constantly reaching for your phone when it dings to answer another email? Maybe you’re struggling to find time for vacation because you’ve overbooked yourself! It’s so easy to stay mentally clocked into your work when you have set boundaries for yourself to keep you from being in your business 24/7. In today’s episode, I’m sharing seven ways you can create boundaries for you from your business.

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Building Boundaries FROM Your Business

It is easy to spend all of your time in your business and forget to prioritize your personal life by separating it from your role as an entrepreneur. There are a few areas in which you’ll want to build boundaries as a business owner, so in today’s conversation, we’re talking through what those boundaries could look like.

Set your vacation time before you schedule the client work and launches in your business

It is so easy to forget to schedule time to go on vacation as a business owner, but it can also be difficult to plan for it when you have so many responsibilities for things to complete. A great way to set a boundary for yourself, prioritize your vacation time, and ensure you’re not working while you’re there is to set that vacation time before you schedule anything else in your business.

When you’re sitting down to plan for upcoming months or even the upcoming year, make sure you’re setting aside time for vacation.

Decide your hours and your reachability

While it’s valuable to set expectations with your clients, you also have to set these expectations for yourself. Do you want to be notified every time a message comes through on your phone? You need to have boundaries set around what works for you, how you want to have your personal time interrupted (or not), and when you want to be responsible for communication in your business. Setting these boundaries for yourself will help protect your time when you’re not at work.

Mentally clock in and clock out

The next thing you should consider implementing in your business to create better boundaries is creating the ability to mentally clock in and out in your business. You can do this with start up routines and wrap up routines. It’s hard to go from working in your business to then turning around and being a mom playing blocks with her kids. You can get in and out of the headspace for your business.

Look at your own working habits and what makes you feel good to get your day started in business. Then look at the wrap up routine and how you prefer to end your day as well. This will help you to mentally clock in and out of your work—whether it’s 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

Read books and listen to podcasts that are NOT business related

While we’re on the topic of being in the right headspace or mentally being clocked into work, you need to consider what books and podcasts you’re consuming when you’re not at work. I love a good business book, but it can easily take over your free time and make you feel like you’re always working when you only consume business books.

Make “Rules” for how weekends and family time will look

Obviously there are seasons in our businesses and your rules for how you’ll spend family time together looks different for everyone, but you need to create rules for this. This could mean no cell phones during game nights. Have these conversations with your kids as they get older to help demonstrate growth and maturity in what ideal family time looks like.

Build systems, templates, and automations to make yourself replaceable

In addition to creating boundaries and rules in your life, you should also consider building systems in your business that allow you to step away—make yourself replaceable. You do not have to always be on in your business, you can set systems up to remove you as the bottleneck in your business so that you can step away.

Build passive revenue streams

Finally, I’ve noticed a direct correlation to how I can mentally clock out of my business and the ways I can make passive revenue. I think affiliate marketing is a great way to do this—you can make more money without taking on any additional clients.

The goal in all of these rules and boundaries is to find a way to not be working in our business 24/7. The less we’re in our business, the more relaxed we can be and the more quality time we can spend with our families.

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