Breaking Down Ambitious Goals and Overcoming Burn Out with Rachel Traxler

In our Called to Both community, we do not shy away from the fact that we are ambitious women. We have big goals and want to accomplish big things in our lives. In this special episode (that originally aired on the Gold Biz Podcast), we are breaking those goals down, especially for those of you who are just teetering right on the edge of burnout.

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This conversation originally aired on The Gold Biz Podcast by Rachel Traxler. Rachel was kind enough to let me re-air this episode here on the Called to Both Podcast!

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Productivity Tips for Ambitious Women

When we get to feeling overwhelmed, our productivity typically plummets. As ambitious women, in order to keep up with our goals and dreams, we need to stay productive. Here are a couple of productivity tips that I live by in order to stay on task without burning out:

Identify what’s really important and needs to get done.

Sometimes we stress about things that could be completely optional in our business. Remember too that this is just a season—what’s essential in your business. This could be looking at who is actually a paying client, what’s the most productive assets for your marketing, and what’s bringing in the income.

Have something to look forward too, like planned rest.

As someone who originally came from a wedding background, in busy seasons, there wasn’t a ton of time off. Planning rest allows you to look forward to and have something to work towards, so make sure you’re planning that rest.

The Importance of Self-Awareness in Productivity

When it comes to building a business, especially as a mom, you have to be selective in what you’re working on and what is important. New ideas and thoughts can totally derail your productivity when you’re chasing after the latest and greatest of everything. When you find yourself jumping from task to task to task, and then scrolling and thinking you need to implement something you find right away, that can sometimes be a sign that the blinders are not on tight enough to what is truly essential.

The best way to prevent this is through self-awareness. Know yourself, when you tend to derail, and become a student of yourself to lead you to what is best for you. If you have distractions in your day-to-day, you won’t be productive or reach your goals.

Breaking Down Ambitious Goals and Overcoming Burn Out

When it comes to goals, I know how fun it can be to have tons of them, but the reality is that you need to identify one big goal. This goal comes back to self-awareness and your own overarching vision for your business and life. In deciding on this goal, make sure it fits in to your life.

  • Does it align for you?
  • Does it feel exciting for you?
  • Is it measurable?
  • What does success in this goal look like?

So what’s this goal? Well once you have it, write it down, then listen to the first thought you have when you write it down. One of the biggest factors in your goals is your mindset. Your biggest limitation isn’t all of the doubts, but it’s simply you.

How to Plan & Evaluate Your Goals

Now, I’m a big fan of setting big goals on an annual basis. After you’ve set your goal, consider revisiting that goal. For me, that looks like quarterly goals and check-ins. Block off that time to actually take a look at what you’re doing to move towards your goals and if they still align.

Organizing Your Ideas & Potential Goals

Another great idea is to brain dump all of your thoughts, ideas, and potential goals in to a project management tool, like Notion, Asana, or Trello. Pick a place where you can get all of the thoughts you have or tasks around your ideas down in a way that you can come back to so that you’re not just holding every idea in your brain.

This also allows you to organize it, so that you know exactly what to do each time you check in and work on a goal or task.

Steps to Taking Action on Your Goals

  1. Pick a place online to put all of your goals and ideas.
  2. Get accountability for your goals.
  3. Write it down on your calendar to be realistic on what you can work on.

Final Advice:

Create a list of all of the hard things that you have overcome. By having a written version of all of the things you’ve overcome in your business will motivate and empower you to continue to move forward!

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