Diversify Your Revenue Streams: 3 Steps You Can Take This Month

Being a business owner requires you to be flexible and sometimes that means changing your methods in order to continue to grow and stay relevant. Having more than one way to generate revenue can be a game changer in your business. In today’s episode, I’m sharing how diversifying my revenue allowed me to build an entirely new business and opened doors I used to only dream about.

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Diversify Your Revenue Streams

As I’ve explored new revenue streams in my business over the last few years, it has opened opportunities for additional income, but also pivots in my business. If you’re ready to diversify your revenue streams, here are three steps you can take immediately to get started.

1. Build Your Brand Authority

One of the most powerful things you can do in your business is build brand authority. A strong online presence can attract new clients and open doors to diversification opportunities. Through social media, content marketing, and networking, you can enhance and improve your visibility. Brand authority leads to brand deals, increased sales, and trust that extends to new offers.

If you’re ready to work on building brand authority, make sure you grab my Brand Authority Blueprint!

2. Identify Complementary Offers and Passive Income Opportunities

The next thing you need to consider is new complementary offers and passive income opportunities that are already available to you in your business. Look for topics that are related or complementary to your existing offerings and what additional services your current clients may need!

Sometimes we make things more complicated than we need to. What if your next offer wasn’t a totally new business, but rather something new that your existing audience wants?

Additionally, you should consider passive income opportunities like affiliate income. HoneyBook is a great example of an affiliate income program that I love. The product is perfect for my audience, I stand behind it, and I also make affiliate income when I share about it. If you don’t have a CRM, try HoneyBook for free and get 50% off your first year with my link.

3. Talk to your Clients, Customers, and/or Buyers

You current clients and audience are so valuable in doing market research, so your final step is to talk to them. Listen to their pain points and their needs! Some of my best products and offerings have come directly from them.

Beyond just listening, you can actually prompt these conversations with surveys for both your audience and your existing clients.

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