Elevate Your Funnel Game: Insider Tips with Jordan Jones on the $30k Strategy

Are you ready to turn your service-based offers into a scalable course? You can do so with evergreen funnels! Whether you’re active or intentional in how you build your funnels, every business has and operates with them. In today’s episode, Jordan Jones joins us to share how to improve your sales funnel and scale your business!

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Building a Sustainable Business through Funnels

Jordan and her husband Pete built a really successful agency where they were running Facebook ads. It was a business they’d built after she left the corporate world and they were loving it. When she found out she was pregnant, she realized that what they had built wasn’t sustainable for the journey she was about to embark on with motherhood.

They decided that in order to continue to make money off of the knowledge they had through a course, so they built out a funnel that would help sell it. They launched it right before she went on maternity leave and it brought in $30,000 in three months. That’s when they knew they built something that could be replicated for others.

What Are Marketing Funnels?

Whether you’re intentional or not in how you’re building funnels, they exist in your business. From how you attract potential clients to how you are gathering data from your audience, the only way for you to make money in your business is through a funnel.

The type of funnel that Jordan built prior to her maternity leave was one that allowed for more passive revenue to be generated, as she set it up to sell a course.

The Three Stages of a Funnel

At it’s core, a funnel has three stages: awareness, consideration, and conversion. The goal is to get more people in the awareness stage of the funnel (podcast, youtube, etc). The middle of the funnel is the consideration stage in how you’re serving them in a way that encourages them to convert. The final stage is where and how they convert.

Each stage needs to have goals:

  • Awareness: How many people do you need to get in front of?
  • Consideration: What messaging will help them in their consideration process?
  • Conversion: How many people do you want to convert?

Elevate Your Funnel Game

Jordan had heard of funnels in the past, yet they weren’t her cup of tea in how they were being used in the creative industry. She didn’t love the way they were set up, run, or even delivered. After creating a funnel that served and impacted her audience, she found a new approach to generating income for business owners.

As mothers, we know how important it is to create an impact, yet our time is limited. Funnels could be your new best friend—they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. While we only have so much time, we can only take on so many clients. Funnels offer you scalability that other offers can’t!

But where do you start with your funnel? Think about service—how can you built it in a way that serves people better?

Funnels can feel icky or bad when you’re making money without putting 100% of the effort into it, yet you don’t have to be as involved in everything. Enter money mindset work: you don’t have to put in more time to make more money. You can provide a similar transformation without your efforts when you share knowledge.

Building Your Funnel

As you begin to build a funnel that serves your audience, start at the end of your funnel, with what audience would be converting—this would help you nail down not only the audience you want to be attracting in your awareness stage but allow defining what offer you’re building for them.

There are so many buyer personas that could fall into your awareness stage and you want to be sure that you’re attracting the right ones who will be impacted by your considerations, then convert. Even if those ideal audience members don’t convert immediately, you can still keep them in your funnel to convert later.

The purpose of your funnel is to attract the right people and repel the wrong ones.

There are so many considerations for your funnel:

  • What kind of opt-in will make sense for your audience?
  • Gather feedback on the offer alignment from your beta testers.
  • Monetize before you make it, because it’s a lot of work.
  • What are your clients saying?

Remember that the first funnel you make isn’t going to be your last—you will continue to iterate it over time, craft new ones, and build out better strategies. At the end of the day, your marketing funnel not only needs to serve your business but also your clients and customers as well.


Within our interviews on Called to Both, I’ll be asking each guest a series of rapid fire questions about being called to both! Check out Jordan’s answers to my rapid fire questions below:

What does called to both mean to you? Not having to sacrifice the work you love for the people you love and vice versa.

What is one thing that has surprised you about motherhood? It’s a mirror in your own life and faith journey—seeing your own patience, love, discipline, etc.

What is one tool/tip that has helped you thrive? Boundaries and simplicity is all you need.

What is the last book you read or podcast you listened to? The Call of the Wild and Free and A Court of Thorns and Roses

What is something that you’re excited about? Enjoying summertime in Colorado.

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