Mid-Year Reboot: Resetting Your Goals and Vision for the Second Half of 2023

As we approach the second half of 2023, it’s time to see how we’re moving toward our goals or if they’re even still in alignment with our business. In today’s episode, I’m walking you through a mid-year reboot to reset your goals and vision for the second half of the year!

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Your Mid-Year Reboot

Does it feel surreal that the year is halfway over? The past six months have flown by, which often makes this time of the year a struggle when you’re not as close to your goals as you could be. There is still so much time in the year, so let’s reflect, refocus, and recalibrate!

It’s normal and expected to dedicate time to your goals and vision at the beginning of the year, yet we aren’t expected to do it halfway through the year to ensure our goals are still aligned with us and that we’re making progress on them.

I have a few tips to approach this process:

  1. Set aside two hours to do this reboot and review.
  2. Get outside of your typical place of work for goal setting.
  3. Gather your materials: list of goals, P&L statements, marketing metrics, data points, and your revenue streams.

Once you have this planned and all of the information for your reboot, let’s walk through the three phases of your review: reflect, refocus, and recalibrate.

Reflect on Your Business

It’s helpful to look to the past six months on your calendar to determine what all you did for business and personal, the appointments and meetings you had, and any launches. Ask yourself:

  1. Where was I overwhelmed?
  2. Was I busy?
  3. What launches happened?
  4. What personally was going on?

As you reflect on this, take time to journal on what you, your family, and your business have gone through in the last six months. Then take time to reflect on your vision and how it aligns with what you’ve done in your business. Who do you help and why do you do it?

Refocus on Your Vision

We do a lot of circular thinking in business, but you can refocus on your vision by asking questions or doing a life design exercise: “If I was making 100k per month, working the same hours I am now, what would I Want to be doing during my work hours?”

What comes up in that, you’ll know exactly where you’re meant to go in your business.

Recalibrate Your Goals

Take time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but also remove anything you no longer need to be focusing on in your business. For the things that are still there, what steps do you need to take to make those goals an attainable?

Once you’ve completed that exercise, it’s time to revisit and recalibrate your schedule. Your schedule may need to shift as business and life shift.

Recharge your mind and motivation: Consider the rest of this year to be a fresh start in a way like we do when we see January on the calendar.

Set Your Calendar Check-In

Set your next business check-in on the calendar now. When you schedule this date ahead of time, you’re less likely to miss it. The end of the year will come just as quickly as the middle of the year came.

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