Get Visible Fast By Borrowing Audiences: A Step By Step Guide

If you’re looking to add more visibility to your business, one of the fastest ways to do this is by borrowing audiences. When you get yourself in front of other people’s audiences, you’re able strategically share your knowledge, your offerings, and meet them where they’re at. In today’s episode, I’m walking you through four steps to borrowing audiences!

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Get Visible Fast By Borrowing Audiences

When it comes to your business, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, if you’re not getting in front of the right audiences, no one cares. Visibility is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. One way to get visibility really quickly is through borrowing other people’s audiences.

Three Examples of Borrowing Audiences

  • Podcast Guesting
  • Live Chats on Instagram
  • Speaking in Someone’s Facebook Group, Membership or Community

Four Steps to Get Visible Fast By Borrowing Audiences:

Now it may feel over-simplified, but it’s important to go in with a clear strategy when you get in front of someone else’s audience—you want to meet them where they’re at.

Step 1. Decide who you want to get in front of and why.

Kick it off with a little foundational homework. You need to know who you want to get in front of and why—if you get in front of audiences that don’t align with your needs, you may be reaching the wrong customer with the wrong offers.

Step 2. Identify where your audience is already hanging out.

After you’ve defined who you want to get in front of, consider where they’re hanging out. For example, if you want to get on someone else’s podcast, you need to find podcasts that align with your ideal audience—what are they listening to?

A really cool tool that I love to use is Rephonic’s Graph, which allows you to enter a podcast, then see a 3D graph of what similar podcasts the audience is also listening to.

Step 3. Choose your speaking topics or the value you want to add.

Once you’ve decided who you want to get in front of and where you want to show up, you need to choose your speaking topics. This will be the value you provide and what you want to be known for, which we covered in our Brand Authority Series starting back in episode 37.

Your topics should align with what you want to offer, what you want to be known for, and what you’re an expert in.

Step 4. Pitch yourself with a specific ask.

Lastly, it’s time to pitch yourself—with a very specific ask. If you’re not hearing no, you’re not pitching yourself enough. Overcome the mindset block that is keeping you from pitching and go after this visibility.

If you’re not sure how to pitch or what to say, check out my PitchPower email template pack, where you’ll find 10 email pitches to get you the visibility and collaborations you want in your biz. This email template pack includes emails for reaching out cold and a template for turning free product or affiliate collaboration offers into paid deals.

Today’s Homework Assignment:

Identify where your audience already is and who already has them, their attention, and their trust, because that is who you’re going to borrow the audience from.

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