Ready to Hire a VA in Your Business? Here’s Where to Start!

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Building your team along with your business is more nuanced than just outsourcing and getting the help, right? In this episode, I’m sharing where you should start, the questions to ask yourself before you hire, and how to actually find your first team member!

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Growing a Team for Your Business

I think entrepreneurs glamorize building a team to the extent that we believe our business is smaller or less impactful if we don’t have that. Don’t fall into the trap that a team is going to somehow fix your business—it’s not a one size fits all solution.

Is hiring the right fit?

Let look at questions you can ask yourself if you’re thinking about growing your team:

  1. Do you need a Virtual Assistant or do you need a better system or software to do that thing?
  2. What are the things you want to outsource?

For starters, tracking your time during the course of a week or two can shed some light on what is taking up your time, and maybe even some things that shouldn’t be taking as long and where a template, tool, automation can come in. Understanding this will help you decide if hiring is the right fit for your business.

Then when it comes to determining what you want to outsource, make a list of the activities you are doing in your business and add any things you want to be doing more consistently, but you honestly don’t because you lack the help. As you build this list, consider:

  • What is your dream week of tasks to complete?
  • What are things you can’t/don’t do as consistently?
  • What are things you do that you hate doing?

The goal here, and overall in your business is to hang out in your zone of genius because ideally when you do that you are making the most impact, money, and happiness for yourself.

Your Guide to Hiring for Your Business

Let’s say that based on the above exercise, you determine that you absolutely still need help and want to hire out. Here are the steps to consider:

  1. Create your SOPs, templates, and training manual for whatever it is that you want them to do.
  2. Create the job description.
  3. Determine your budget and estimated hours.
  4. Interview potential hires.

Finding Potential Hires for Your Business

Now, you may be asking, “But where do I find potential candidates for applications?” I love finding team members through Facebook groups, personal recommendations, my own audience, and open applications online.

Remember, there isn’t a right way to hire team members, but simply look for the right person.

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