Productivity and How I Cut My Work Hours in Half with Danielle Wiebe

One of the biggest shifts that has happened in my business since becoming a mom has been the fact that I cut my work hours in half (probably more than half. In this episode (that originally aired on the Business Babes Collective Podcast), I’m walking you through my journey of entrepreneurship, the transition into education, becoming a mom, and how I’m productive as a mom who is Called to Both.

Called to Both is brought to you by Joy Michelle, mom of two and multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help others find balance between the worlds of motherhood and business. Called to Both is the podcast for women who have big business ambitions and also want to be intentional and present moms. At Called to Both, we truly don’t believe you have to choose between these two worlds tugging at your heart You can be Called to Both.

This conversation originally aired on The Business Babes Collective with Danielle Wiebe. Danielle was kind enough to let me re-air this episode here on the Called to Both Podcast!

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My Journey to Entrepreneurship

During my senior year of college, I was at the point where I needed to decide what I wanted to do with my graphic design degree. I’d just gotten married and worked with a photographer and was intrigued. I took the leap of faith to start a wedding photography business—which led me on a successful journey.

After a few years, I started putting videos on Youtube at the advice of my brother, who said it would help my business. This helped me to inadvertently pivot into education, where I built and trademarked Photoboss.

Fast-forward to 2020, the pandemic happened, and I went full force into education. During that time, I also had two children and felt a pull to build the Called to Both brand.

The Transition of Being Called to Both

Because I started my entrepreneurial journey prior to having kids, I was faced with so many questions about having kids. Did I want to have children? Will I still be ambitious after I have them? Will I even want my business anymore? Would I still be me?

Those thoughts were so scary. Can I have both of these things and should I even be allowed to? Spoiler alert: you can’t plan everything out. I stopped holding on so tight and opened my hands and said, “Let’s see where this goes.”

I realized I can be Called to Both, I simply have to find a way for it to work for me.

How I Cut My Work Hours in Half

After having my first child in 2019, I stopped working full-time in my business. I didn’t consciously think about how that transition would happen. I simply had to let go of this notion that I wasn’t going to be able to be successful if I worked less.

The biggest shift in changing my work hours after becoming a mom was having to schedule time to work rather than doing it when I was inspired or creativity struck.

Finding Productivity

One thing that I’ve come to find true in motherhood is the lesson of Parkinson’s Law, that your tasks expand with the amount of time you allow them to take up. In past seasons of business, I could have spent all forty hours of work doing what I now do in half of that. I’d multitask or overthink on projects simply because I had the time.

Two ways I stay productive now include:

  • My Project Management Tool: Notion
  • Asking for support and help in all areas of my life.
    • In the home: childcare, cleaning, etc.
    • In the business: outsourcing to team members who are constants.

I had to debunk a lot of the myths and ideas that success needed to look a certain way for me in business and life—finding what works for me. This can also mean finding out what works for you, how you work best, and how you want your life to look.

“The business you have today is not the business you’ll have a year from now.” – Joy

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