How I Pivoted My Business from Photographer to Educator and 5 Lessons I Learned by Pivoting

As we grow within our businesses, we may see a pivot in clients, services, or even industry! I certainly did when I pivoted from being a photographer to being an educator! In today’s episode, I’m sharing 5 lessons I learned by pivoting in my business, plus join me as I highlight my entrepreneurship journey!

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My Entrepreneurship Timeline

I think it’s important to highlight where I started and the important milestones throughout my journey, so below you’ll see a detailed timeline of what the last nearly decade of entrepreneurship has looked like for me.

2013 – Started my business, graduated college, skipped grad school, attended a workshop, and dedicated to a year of entrepreneurship.

2014 – My first full year full-time with $20k in revenue.

2015 – Shot 15 solo weddings, featured in Style Me Pretty, attended styled shoots, and raised my prices.

2017 – Uploaded my first Youtube video!

2018 – Committed to uploading weekly to Youtube and launched the Photoboss Facebook Group!

2019 – Shot weddings while pregnant, had my first baby, continued making videos, started selling my course, started coaching, incorporated affiliate marketing, and decided to pivot away from weddings.

2020 – Pushed most of my weddings to the fall, got pregnant with Lewis, interviewed on podcasts, grew my email list and Youtube channel, relaunched my course a few times, and filed the trademark for Photoboss.

2021 – Rebranded to Joy Michelle Co with a new website and domain, launched Hobby to Pro Toolkit, signed on with a podcast producer to launch this podcast, added two team members, and the trademark came through for Photoboss.

2022 – Added the Called to Both Podcast and Facebook group, offer 3 and 6 month coaching, and working on another offering.

5 Lessons I Learned by Pivoting

1. There’s no right or perfect time.

While I’ve been guilty of it myself, I know that there truly is no perfect time to make the pivot or launch the program. Waiting for the perfect time will only set you back as it is a procrastination tactic.

2. It’s scary to step into what you really want and to grow to your next level.

Making a pivot or change in your business requires an identity shift. For me, I had to shift what I do professionally away from who I am personally to help with this shift. I was so used to walking into a room and saying I was a photographer, but that’s not the whole of who I am.

3. No one is actually freaking out about it like you do or watching that closely.

I had cared so much about what my business looked like from the outside and what others were going to think of the shifts I was making. While it isn’t always bad to think about how things will be perceive, most people just don’t care because they’re concerned with their own lives.

4.. You can love something and be good at something, but not be meant to do that thing forever.

This was such a bittersweet realization, as I feel this so much when it comes to weddings. It was an honor to be part of so many special days and I get emotional thinking about it, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean that I have to do it forever.

You can let go of the good to make room for the great.

5. Your identity needs to go beyond your work and your titles.

Realizing this was super tricky for me, as I had to try to separate my worth from the weddings that I was shooting and the things I’d built in my business. My worth is not based on what I create professionally and this is something I am working on daily.

Answering Your Questions from Instagram

How do you bridge the $ gap moving from weddings to education? Was it a slow shift?

I think it was slow in looking at the timeline. I spent a lot of time creating content before I decided to make the pivot. There was a tipping point where I realized it was time to make the pivot into education without weddings..

Was your brand already personal (personal brand) or did you have to shift it from weddings?

My brand has always incorporated me into it with behind the scenes and educational content, so it wasn’t a big pivot in how I was marketing. Getting on video did make this easier.

Imposter Syndrome? Did you have it and how to deal with it?

Yes—if any business owner claims not to, they just simply don’t know they have it. I dealt with imposter syndrome through journaling and mindset work.

How did your social content & online presence change?

It’s changed very slowly over time as far as what I’m providing value and education on in my business. I’m always thinking of where I want to go in my business and creating content around that.

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