3 Tips How To Grow On ANY Social Platform

As a business owner and photographer, social media is a powerhouse tool for marketing. If you’re a new photographer, you might ask how you can do this effectively in your business. Today I’m sharing all about not only how you can do this effectively but how you can grow on any platform! I’m going to be providing you with my top 3 tips to help ensure that no matter what social media platform you are using, you are continually growing. 

3 Tips How To Grow On ANY Social Platform

Tip #1: Learn the style of the content for that platform.

This is critical. Youtube is going to ask for different content than instagram or FB or Twitter. We have to respect and learn each of those platform types so that we can build the best content. In Gary’s book Jab Jab Jab Right Hook – he talks about the differences and nuances between platforms and why this matters so much. We don’t want to ignore this because it’s going to cost you in the algorithm. Every platform you are going to be posting on regardless of where you post does have it’s own algorithm. 

Tip #2: Build out your social profile and bio to reflect the business/product/service you want to sell.

If you are a local business, have that listed. If you have a website, link it. Think about your ideal client or customer – speak to only them. Don’t make your potential clients work to find out what you do and who you help. You can start with an “I help X people by doing X thing” By clearly communicating your business with your bio, banners, images, highlights, etc, this takes away 80% of the overwhelm of each platform. You no longer need to ask “what do I share?” Because you are thinking only of the ideal client you serve. This will determine 80% of your content from here on out. As soon as you do this, it actually helps make sharing on social media much easier. 

Tip #3: Consistency and quality

Nothing is going to matter more than consistency and quality when it comes to your growth. If you don’t show up regularly for your audience (regardless of the size) it’s going to be very very hard to grow. Another reason why this matters is that you are trying to build trust and market yourself, not just post images or videos to get likes right? What counts as quality content? This comes down to YOUR ideal client and not everyone else. My ideal client likes to see the softwares and tools I’m using to run an efficient business, but a fashion blogger’s audience would care less about this… they want to know where to get great deals on spring clothing. As you ask “what do I share and post?” you must first ask “who is the 1 person I’m posting FOR?” and the rest will become tremendously easier.

Tell me the 1 social platform you are currently working on growing right now. For me, it’s instagram. If you don’t follow me over on instagram you can find me @joymichelle

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