Tips for Photographing Large Bridal Parties

When it comes to navigating tricky shots on a wedding day, photographing a large bridal party is definitely up there. I’ve worked with bridal parties as large as 28 members and it definitely takes a little bit more planning, coordination and creativity to nail those shots and make them look effortless. So, here are my best tips for photographing large bridal parties!

Tips for Photographing Large Bridal Parties

Shooting large wedding parties can be a little intimidating for a few reasons…

  • It can be tricky to rally & keep the focus of a larger group of people
  • The locations to shoot become more limited
  • There is more room for error (for someone to have their eyes closed, for example)

And, even if you’re a seasoned wedding photographer, shooting large bridal parties can be a consistent challenge when trying to create gorgeous and epic imagery for your couples. 

Thats why today I am giving you my top 3 tips when it comes to shooting big bridal parties like a pro!

Have a Plan & Set the Tone

This is so crucial to do right from the get-go! At the start of the day, you want to really create a plan on how you will shoot, and gain the respect of the bridal party + the groomsmen. You can do this by trying to learn as many names as you can, and by getting to know the people you will be working with all day!

Once you start to get to know them, you can really assert yourself and let them know that in order to capture the most beautiful photos possible, you will need their focus and cooperation! And, when you’ve made those initial connections with some people in the group, it becomes so much easier to have those people help you rally the rest of the group together!

Direct & Be Clear

You are going to want to be very clear and literal in how you direct the group! I like to physically point to where I want my groups to go, and be as clear as I can in my directions. And, when you take the first step of getting to know people by learning their names, it becomes so much easier to effectively direct and get people’s attention.

PRO TIP: When you want to achieve that epic, classic, in-a-line shot with the whole wedding party, it is useful to tell your group to angle inward towards the couple (who are in the middle) and SQUEEZE in closer. Let them know that it might feel funny to be so close to each other, but that it will look incredible in the photos!

The Walking-Towards-You Shot

Once you’ve gotten your standard in-a-line type shots, direct the wedding party walk towards you! This is an awesome pose for large parties because it allows the entire group to stagger and still all be seen in the photograph! I like to have my bride and groom lead the charge slightly in front of the rest, and then come in for a kiss!

This kind of posing adds some variety to the shots of the day, it has a more casual feel, and because they are staggered, it allows you to shoot a large group in a smaller space!

PRO TIP: When using this pose, make sure to tell the wedding party to smile and walk in slow motion as they come towards you, so you have time to capture the gorgeous moments!

Did you find these tips helpful? What are some of your go-to poses when photographing large bridal parties? 

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