How to Stand Out as a Photographer

What makes you different amongst the many photographers out there? Maybe you’ve asked yourself this question many times and you’re wondering, “How do I stand out amongst the rest?”

In this video, I’m sharing with you 3 do’s and don’ts for standing out and getting noticed, even in the MOST saturated markets. Let’s dive in!

How to Stand Out as a Photographer:

Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Be Different. 
Don’t: Copy Other People

One of the worst ways to stand out amongst the rest is to copy those around you. You don’t want to copy others’ work, websites, or words. This is extremely in-genuine and ultimately hurts you in the end. The best business owners are the ones who own who they are confidently and serve those around them fiercely. 

If you like someone else’s work, or are inspired by their brand, think about why you like it and what attracts you to it – and make it your own. What makes you different?  When you copy others’ work in any way, you’re holding yourself back from standing out.

Do: Make Your Business About You.  
Don’t: Hide Behind the Camera

YOU are what makes your business different. Start using your face or a headshot across all your social media platforms. Again, you are the secret sauce in your business, own who you are! 

Show who it is behind your brand! Don’t hide behind your logo. This is impersonnal. You want to share your face! Also, sharing the same picture across all your platforms and your website is going to elevate your brand by having a consistent feel,  which carries a lot of weight. 

Do: Have a Strong Brand Message 
Don’t: Stay Vague and Generic

Finally, if somebody doesn’t know why you do what you do, what fuels you,  what your story is, or how you really benefit the world with your work and your photography – they’re not as inclined to work with you. You need to start with having a strong brand message and set of values that are different and unique to you. Think deeply about your why and what motivates you as a business owner – this will be HUGE in your business journey and will attract more ideal clients your way. 

Now it’s your turn – I’d love to hear how you stand out in your niche and space as a photographer! What are some specific ways you’ve found to help you stand out? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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