I’M MOVING!! A Personal Life Update

I’m thrilled to announce something that’s been on my heart for years and is finally coming to fruition—I’m moving! My family and I are packing up at the end of the year to move south to Florida and in today’s episode, I’m sharing all of the details!

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Where are we moving and why?

As we pack up our home in Maryland, we’re excited for what’s to come in our new home in Tampa, FL. Why Tampa? The short answer is because we want to.

The longer answer is that my husband and I have talked for years about wanting to plant roots somewhere else. Additionally, many of our family members are excited for similar journeys and will be moving alongside of us!

Tampa was the choice because it’s close to beaches, an international airport, and has so much to do for families!

What’s our moving timeline?

We’re currently packing up our home and preparing it to rent, working on securing a new home in Florida, and getting ready for our moving date on December 27th! Just two days after Christmas, we’ll be moving over 1,000 miles away!

We’ve been packing up, decluttering, and so much more! We’ve been in this home for six years—and the amount of stuff that we’ve accumulated is overwhelming. We’re selling a lot of our stuff.

How am I feeling about the move?

For the most part, it has been overwhelming, but I’m not sad to leave Maryland. I will miss the fall time the most—but will not miss the winters.

The other feeling I have is sadness of losing my childhood home, because my parents are also moving to Florida too! I’m looking for beautiful ways to commemorate the home to keep the memories that were made there.

The kids are excited! We’re still navigating the packing process with them and getting rid of items, but overall, they’re on board!

How does this impact business?

I’ve been focusing all of my attention on my coaching clients—which I’m loving. I didn’t launch the new program this year that I’d hoped to, but with our current schedule, I decided to focus only on coaching.

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