I’m Starting A Podcast!

The news is out – I’m officially starting a podcast! Actually though, it’s already started and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all of the details leading up to this point! In this post, I’m going to share the official name of the podcast, what it’s about, and what things will look like going forward on my Youtube channel.

What’s The Name Of The Podcast?

A few years after starting my photography business, I started my Youtube channel primarily to connect with other photographers who were a few years behind me and I could invest back into. Since then, I’ve created some online programs like Hook and Book Brides and Hobby To Pro to help other photographers in their businesses, I’ve had two babies, AND I started business coaching. Many things look different in my business but one thing that hasn’t changed is how ambitious I still am and how much of an entrepreneur I still am. I’m passionate about pouring back into business women like me who also want to be intentional mothers.

Fun fact – I bought the domain name for the podcast well before I knew it was going to be a podcast. My hope is that is becomes it’s own brand and a special community for women who are both business owners and moms. I’m thrilled to announce that the name of the podcast is……

Called To Both is a podcast for ambitious women who are also intentional mothers and what it looks like to navigate both roles in their lives. This will be a combination of guest interviews along with a mix of solo episodes sprinkled in there too. I’m going to dive deeper into what it actually looks like to build a sustainable business, to build a team, lead your company, and be an intentional and present parent.

You can now listen to the Called To Both podcast on all major podcast players below. Best part too is that there are already 3 episodes that are live that you can check out below.

Why not a photography podcast?

By far the # question I’ve been asked recently is “Why not a photography podcast?” And while I deeply appreciate the question, I already had the perfect space to talk about photography on my Youtube channel. To be honest, I thought about a photography podcast in the past, I’ve been asked about doing one, and I’ve been on other people’s podcasts BUT I didn’t feel there was a need for another photography podcast out there. There are so many people doing photography podcasts so well and so beautifully already that it would be great to be a guest on their podcast but reserve my voice in the podcasting world for something new.

Will I still be making Youtube videos?

The quick answer is absolutely! There is a bunch of new content in the queue that will be coming. We are going to be diving into topics like editing, Lightroom, business tips, behind the scenes, and so much more! Some of the videos I’m most excited for are day in the life of an entrepreneur and what is looks like for me to film content while at home, record the podcast, a typical work day, and more. I’m pleased to say that the channel is not going anywhere!

I’d LOVE to hear from you too what you hope to see more of here on the channel! If you have a specific question or topic you’d like to see me cover in a video, leave a comment below to let me know.

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