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Our time is limited, especially during the summer months. Doing less, but with more intention could be the secret to staying sane this summer while also growing your business without burning out. The pressure to do more and create more is just a constant as a business owner. The truth is oftentimes you don’t actually need to add something new to your plate in order to see success in your business. In today’s episode, we’re exploring how you can do less, but better.

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Cut Out the Things that Aren’t Your Main Lead Generators

The first step to doing less, but better is to cut out the things that aren’t your main lead generators, especially ones that you feel that you can’t keep up with or maybe aren’t really being done well at all.

In the past quarter, here are the things that I’ve cut out of my own business:

  • my podcast related fb group
  • cut out pitching and focused on the brand partners I have already
  • cut out adding new content types to my plate

There are a few other things that I’ve decided to cut out, including specific content channels, but more specifically for this summer. Consider where you’re at, where you’re generating leads, and then focus on the right things.

Take time to quiet all of the devices around you and write down what’s working for you in business.

Look at the remaining things, and ask, “How can I make this 1% better?”

The next step is to look at the things you’re keeping and make them 1% better. The things that are left for me are my email newsletter, my Photoboss Facebook group, the podcast, and my free offers. I have to consider, how can I make each of these 1% better.

Each of these are getting tweaks—little but impactful updates, new templates, and sprucing up. I’ll show up more in the facebook group to coach and add value for free. I’ve updated the newsletter format with really fun sections that feature personal things I’m loving, reading, and eating!

What does it mean to actually make something better? I was able to refine those things by asking “what makes me open an email? What makes me engage in a facebook group?” Take your answers and let those inform your 1% improvements.

This impact of 1%

If you were to make a 1 percent improvement each week for a year, it will be approximately 68.2% better after one year. That’s a big change with just very small shifts. Pick something in your business that you want to make better—just 1% better each week.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your schedule for a 20 hour or less work week, I want to point you back to episode 107, where I share seven ways that I streamlined my schedule for a 20 hour work week.

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