5 Organization Tips for Your Photography Business

I believe that there is a direct correlation between your level of organization in the systems in your business and your level of profitability. A lot of creatives look a lot more professional on the outside than they are actually organized for on the backend. In today’s episode, I’m sharing five organization tips for your photography business—it is possible to run a creative business while staying organized.

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Called to Both Podcast: Episode 112 - 5 Organization Tips for Your Photography Business

5 Tips for Staying Organized in Your Photography Business

There are five general pillars of organization that I think most photography businesses need to focus on in order to stay profitable.

1. Systematize Your Creative Process

As creatives, we can sometimes think that we can’t systematize our process or that it needs our hand in every part of it.

One of the best ways to get started with systematizing is to implement a CRM, like HoneyBook. A client relationship management system helps you to have a seamless and streamlined client experience. All of my inquiries, questionnaires, invoicing, and more happen within HoneyBook.

You can also systematize through email communication templates for common responses or things you send often.

This can also be applied to your editing by creating templates, presets, import settings, and workflows for your process to streamline it.

Lastly, consider all of the workflows you need in your business. I teach a lot about this inside of Hobby to Pro Toolkit and even share my own workflows! Even if you’re thinking that you want to customize and approve every little thing coming from your brand, I still encourage you to start with templates.

2. Manage Your Finances Effectively

Next, it’s important that you are managing your finances effectively. You can do this in three simple steps:

  • Separate your business and personal finances.
  • Track your income and expenses.
  • Review your numbers frequently.

3. Embrace the Rule of One

If you’re ready to simplify your business and your life, embrace the rule of one. This means one digital calendar system, one project management tool, one social media scheduler, one printing lab, etc. When you overwhelm yourself with too many tools, you muddy the waters of your business. By committing to one app or tool in each area, you’ll increase your efficiency!

4. Schedule Regular Clean-Ups

Just like your house and chores, your business needs regular maintenance. Consider establishing cleaning routines, regular maintenance and deep cleans. Additionally, build a 20 minute quick clean with 5 minutes dedicated to each of these categories:

5. Prioritize Creative Time

Your creativity is so important in your creative business—that’s why it’s so important to fuel your creativity and find balance in your work and creative space. When you set up all of the above organizational foundations, it allows for more time and margin for creativity.

As a professional creative, you have to balance the business and the creativity. Look for things that are going to fuel and recharge you as a creative. A great place to start with this is by reading The Artist’s Way—this book completely changed the way I approach and prioritize creativity.

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Called to Both Podcast: Episode 112 - 5 Organization Tips for Your Photography Business

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