Overcoming Business Burnout

Is the pressure of being called to both causing you to burnout in your business? It’s so easy to let the overwhelm of every responsibility in your life create that feeling of burnout, yet finding the source and tackling it at its core can help you eliminate future burnout. In today’s episode, I’m sharing how you can find the source of your burnout, overcome it, and create habits that help prevent burnout.

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What is Causing Your Burnout

We know just how real and fast burnout can hit us, but we typically don’t look at the root cause of that burnout. Our immediate reaction is to retreat into our own comforts, drop everything, and hope it goes away. What we need to start doing is figuring out what is causing your burnout. To do this, you can simply take a look at each of the following potential causes and figure out which one it is:

  • simply taking on too much work
  • taking on the wrong clients but the right work
  • taking on the wrong type of work (even if the people are great)
  • not getting paid properly for your hard work
  • lack of support, systems, and structure around your work

In looking at each of these, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What part of my work and life feels MOST draining to me at the moment?
  • What am I avoiding or dreading at the moment?

How to Overcome Burnout

Once you’ve pinpointed the cause of the burnout, you need to take the appropriate steps to overcome it. There are a few approaches to overcoming burnout, which include:

  • Rest + recharge
  • Make changes to your business and life
  • A combination of both

What do you do when your life doesn’t support a sudden break or shift?

1. Schedule rest even if it’s a month or two from now.

I think half of the benefit of a vacation is knowing that you’ll be taking one and having it to look forward to. If you can’t get away right now, that’s ok, but schedule something on the calendar for yourself. This could be a hair appointment, an afternoon off, or a full on vacation.

2. Do the minimum.

Decide what is truly essential. What’s the baseline viable product? What is the most essential minimum activities in your business in both client work and marketing that you can do for a short amount of time. Once you identify the things that are actually bringing in money and ignore the rest of the things that are above that, you will free up a little time or at the very least let yourself off the hook for everything you aren’t doing.

Take a content and scrolling fast.

I’m a total podcast and audio-book junky. If I could listen to something like that at all times, I probably would, but I know this overwhelms my mind when I don’t take breaks. it fills my head with everything I’m not doing, or could be better at, or “should be doing”. Ahh, the shoulds. Take a break from the intake of information.

Two Burnout Proofing Habits to Build into Your Life & Business

I believe you can avoid burnout before it ever hits by incorporating a couple of habits into your life.

Take a weekly artist date

I learned this in The Artist’s Way by Elizabeth Gilbert and I know I have talked about that book a few times here on the podcast before. By taking a weekly artist date, you’re giving yourself permission to enjoy something that is just for you, to inspire and incorporate creativity into your weekly routine.

Have a system for housing everything

I learned the importance of this in the book Getting Things Done. The concept is that our brains are not meant to store information or ideas, they are meant to generate ideas and solve problems, so when we use them to hold our to do list or ideas, we become less creative and less effective. This tool should store your projects, someday maybe ideas, and information you need in your life and business. My system for holding things and tracking everything is Notion.

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What is Causing Burnout for Your Burnout (2:59)

What to Do After You Identify Burnout Source (5:45)

2 Burnout Proofing Habits (13:15)

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