Steps To Starting Your Photography Business – Part Three

You got into photography to create beautiful images that your clients will LOVE but now you’re spending your days going back and forth via email, chasing down payments, and wondering what was that one thing is you were going to do but forgot to write down…You need automations!

Part 1 we covered:

  1. Naming your photography business
  2. Creating your packages and pricing
  3. Knowing your ideal client + target market

Part 2 we covered:

  1. Your Website + Blog
  2. Your Portfolio
  3. Some Legalities of Starting a Photography Business

This is part 3 in the Photography Business (re)start series. There’s an awesome guide that goes along with the series as well and you can grab that here.

So what can you automate in a photography business?

  1. Your Photography Inquiry Process
  2. The Consultation + Booking Process
  3. Your Client experience after they book

So let’s break each of these down and explain what can be automated and why this is going to save you so much time, but also give your clients a way better experience.

Steps To Starting Your Photography Business – Part Three

1. Your Photography Inquiry Process

You know the form they fill out on your website with their name and contact information? That’s what we’re talking about here! The process of responding to and keeping track of these inquiries can be automated. I do this through HoneyBook (try it here and get 50% off your first year) and when someone completes my contact form it automatically gets put into a project and I can even set up and auto reply to let them know I got the inquiry.

The faster you can reply the better! I read a statistic recently that said couples were booking vendors based on response time 50% of the time. Crazy!

2. The Consultation + Booking Process

This is where the back and forth begins and if you don’t have automations and templates in place, it can get hard to remember where you left off and sometimes things fall through the cracks. Do you currently have a system for following up with leads? Are you reaching back out a few times strategically on different days with different information to increase the chances of them booking?

If you’d like to get my 35+ photography business email templates and all workflows, that’s all included in Hobby To Pro Toolkit!

Hobby to Pro Toolkit

Getting on a consultation call is often the next step after someone reaches out to you about your photography. I recommend having a scheduler link that they can choose from your availability. Honeybook has this feature included and you can set up multiple calendars with different times and dates of open times for them to book a virtual or in-person meeting.

3. Your Client experience after they book

They booked you as their photographer! YAY! Now what?? Whatever steps come next can very likely be automated. The prep guide, outfit recommendations, location guide, or questionnaire you send out can be automated too.

As you book more and more photography clients, this becomes more important and needed. You’ll have clients in all different stages of the process of working with you and the pipeline in Honeybook makes it possible to see them all at once and know who needs to be followed up with etc.

Give Honeybook a Try and get 50% off your first here.

The time you spend setting up templates and automations in your creative business will be time well spent!

Be sure to go back and revisit PART 1 + PART 2 of the Photography Business (re)Start series for even more help on getting your photography business up and running.

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